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Sat 1st JULY ! so here it is , open season on bass ! *sigh*


A reminder for those not up to date ,
Bass minimum size 42cm
The law says you may keep one legal sized fish per 24hrs.
While most are unhappy with current laws, please respect them and set the example to other anglers that may be unaware or unwilling to comply.

The walls. No issues & no closing expected this week.
Both were fishing well upto and over the High tides, can't say the same for the low yesterday day !.
Plenty of Black lug available today & ragworm in shop also, no crabs

HT 05.09 & 17.42 (5.6)
LT 11.37 >> 00.10 sun

 Dec 29th


good morning world , I hope you are all recovered from the Christmas excesses:)
Tues update
fresh black lug in the shop , , shop open till about 1pm, anyone needing bait & running later than that may want to ring Eddie .

walls unfortunately still closed until we can get a clear spell long enough to get some maintenance rolled out.

Hope everyone has a great new year & we will see you on the OTHER SIDE  


Dec 24th

the tacklbox & staff would like to wish everyone a  very happy Christmas & prosperous new year

sat 12 dec 

Going to try to get the EAST open sunday bays 1-15 ,  updates on facebook pages tomorrow morning & on the twitter feed.

wed 9th dec

winter opening hours, Mon - Thurs  8am - 1pm weekend hours as normal

wed 3rd dec

total lack of updates as no news & wall closures due to   rotten weather

Thur 26 nov

 Decent sizes on the whiting & plenty of dogfish about today. Weather looks to be closing in quickly & both walls expected to close friday  late afternoon for possibly 5 days.

wed 25 nov

Not a massive amount going on on the marina hend the slow update. Very coloured water for the last few days has   slowed things down to a state of almost "WHITING CITY"   sole  eels  flounder & dab have made an appearance but the catch chasers are now focusing on the beaches that are producing some decent cod after the recent  batch of SW blows.

sat 21 nov

wall opened yesterday , early run today only one angler with whiting , water coloured with quite a swell. Very little to say as no catch info

Mon 15 nov

Walls closed until fri 20th earliest 

fri 13 nov

after keeping an eye on conditions it has been decided to keep both walls closed over the weekend 

wed 11 nov

a wall check on the east will be done tomorrow morning with the intent if viable to open for a few hrs , this check needs doing in daylight & will take about an hour , we expect to get  a decent chunk of the wall open  until mid afternoon as conditions then close back in. Current weather patterns indicate that this may be the only window of chance until next week & probably wed 18th nov

sat 6 nov

east to open over night sat & sun am for the morning tide 

 weather warning

closures to effect walls for at least 5 days but a possible window sat night fishing

 wed 4 nov

 no catch feedback

Tues 3 nov

walls almost deserted so hard to get any picture of catches today

mon 2 nov

 a few horse mac & mackerel to start the 1st light  then the drop & flood were simply put ... brutal.  a couple of gars & plaice  plus a dab prior to the high just about sum up how the east fished yesterday ,  lack info after the high.

sun 1 nov

After a report of mostly whiting at night the morning started with horse mac & early mackerel.  Light up &  stil good numbers of mackerel gar plaice,  bass for those finding them are  very good sizes, gurnars still to be had along with pollack, pout  whiting eels  & bullheads.


sat 31 oct

still fishing very well with mackerel some quality plaice &  bass, many to 8lb being had on or close to the marina , well worth a go while the mild autumn still holds

fri 30 oct

walls closed until mid afternoon & lacking accurate news  although dogfish & bass reported through the night on the west

 Double wall closure   today (thurs)

wed 28 oct

autumn closing in, 1/2 term winding down & the numbers fishing slowing up. It gets harder to get a true pic of the fishing as the numbers slow down. Still mackerel & horse mac to be had . large numbers of shad seem to be arriving  amongst  the  small pockets of bass &  should be returned as are a protected species. (for the unsure they are best described as  mullet shaped & look like over sized herring). Plaice are still around &  occasional gurnards.

tues 27 oct

slower going on the fish front today but still plaice mackerel & bass reported .

mon 26 oct

a strong easterly made the morning un pleasant on the east wall . inspite of that plenty of whiting, a few horse mac & mackerel. Shad & a few bass being caught as well

sun 25 oct

quiet on the west , early whiting horse mac a few mackerel, some undulates  schoolie bass & a few shad mixed in as well. One or two plaice about mid morning as were some sole.

sat 24 oct

a bit  breezy but some decent fish out , sizeable pout (2lb+) pollack flounder dab  mackerel eels small rays & lots of whiting in quite lumpy conditions.

fri 23 oct

fairly quiet , some nice pollack in stired up water & lots of whiting.

thurs 22nd oct

lacking reports to post here to be honest , both walls back up & running

wed 21st oct

whiting & a few horse mac in the dark 1st thing & then the rain put paid to catch reports for the day. fairly much no one fishing until late afternoon & then only  chan & pout whiting noticed.

tues 20 oct

 early horse mac & mackerel continue as does the  decent number of plaice. seeing a few  dab & flounder ,   squid numbers increasing  although I suspect there may only be a week of catching looking  ahead at the forecasts.Gar red mullet & gurnard still present  also as are the bass & codling. Squid on both walls although the east is fishing the better of the 2 walls.

mon 19 oct

not the best of feedback to  post a report , decent mackerel & horse mac 1st light though

sun 18 oct

a slower start number wise but decent fishing again, mackerel , horse mac, lots of pin whiting , gars, pollack, and some very good plaice  had.


more anglers , more fish ... it seems , plenty of whiting, horse mac & mackerel,  good numbers of plaice & gar also , with occasional mullet in the mix also

fri 16 oct

 a day when very few anglers out and about, early  horse mac & mackerel  with  whiting through the night  followed by a few flatties & mackerel for the handful that fished the east today

thur 15 oct

a slow start with early horse mac  , mackerel & plenty of whiting in the small hours , ,plaice dab flounder &  gurnards reported daytime

wed 14 oct

similar to tues , a slow start & mainly flatfish , mackerel & a few gar.

tues 13 oct

a quiet start to the day  but some decent fishing , plenty of flatties, plaice  dab,flounder ,gar mackerel gurnard & red mullet.

mon 12 oct

tougher going as the east ENE winds kick in , pout  horse mac & mackerel 1st thing, plaice  mullet red mullet & gurnard had but fewer fishing today.

sun 11 oct

 reasonable numbers on the wall  for an october morning ,  a pattern of easterlies for the last & next week has slowed the fishing a bit but there are  lots of whiting  through the night & on coloured water days. Plaice ,good numbers & sizes still consistent. sole flounder & a few dabs being had. Still seeing occasional red mullet , gurnard and wrasse. Bass still to be had & a few more codling than normal still  to be had. Early morning  horse mac & mackerel  still there though the numbers are starting to slow up.

sat 10 oct

tons of whiting at night , a few horse mac & mackerel 1st light, still mullet,& bass to be had, sole plenty of plaice also about.

fri 9 oct

a slowish day on a small tide best described as sluggish

thur 8 oct

a quiet day  with average water conditions , a few plaice & mackerel , schoolie bass & sole the main catches

tues/wed 6/7 oct

not so great tues with poor water quality with a few eels flounder & plaice the main catches , wed a few mackerel as the water cleared , some schoolie bass  plaice & sole , plenty of whiting about

mon 5 oct

walls closed am re opened  mid afternoon  but virtually empty 

sun 4 oct

lots of whiting & horse mac, morning mackerel, better fishing as the tide rose with plenty of plaice to be had . slower over the high & drop. 

sat 3 oct

lots of whiting & horse mac, morning mackerel ticked over most of the day , loads of gar , plenty of plaice to be had

fri 2 oct

horse mac mackerel,flounder gar plaice a plenty , lots of whiting  at night , some schoolie bass & mullet still about 

thur 1 oct

lots of whiting over night also horse mac, 1st light mackerel some decent plaice sole &  flounder showing up , mackerel run over the high, pout down the side in numbers bullheads showing up also.


wed 30 sept

similar day to tues , fishing well on the up with plaice flounder pollack & lots of micro species down the sides. Horse mac & mackerel 1st thing & followed by mackerel over the high on both walls

tues 29 sept

a day of 2 distinct halves, 1st light not a soul to be found, those that did make the morning flood did well, lots of quality plaice , there was also flounder red mullet , schoolie bass, GG mullet , mackerel before the high &  numbers of gar & wrasse.  lots of pout as the tide came up & over & then it all became very slow & sporadic with most going home late afternoon.

mon 28 sept

a slow day on the walls that started with a few horse mac a pollack & a few mackerel on the light. plenty of whiting , a few plaice & a day for bits & pieces , reports of a fair few codling over night & into tues am.

sun 27 sept

no reports to hand ... day off

sat 26th sept

horse mac & mackerel in the morning  followed by  plaice red mullet  whiting  as the water cleared . slow going over the low & things improved as the tide returned. The match on the wall saw a turbot(2lb) a small bull huss, lots of pout & chan whiting , horse mac & a couple of mackerel b4 the light went, plaice up to 1.5lb a couple of codling pollack & bullheads before midnight.

thur 24/fri 25 sept

tick over days with thurs being the quieter, plaice ,lots of pout & chan whiting a few red mullet still about pollack down the side &  bass high on the east

wed 23rd sept

a sluggish morning not helped by a rising westerly that eventually closed the west wall mid afternoon & over night. Whiting  eels flounder the mainstay on the east & a fairly decent mullet around bay 21 area.

Tues 22nd sept

no news available

mon 21st sept

only a few about this morning , horse mac whiting  the mains through the night ,  a fair few mackerel & horse mac 1st light ...  weather deteriorated on the west slowly through the morning with the west eventually closing late afternoon , west expected back open  tues mid morning

sun 20 sept

a decent day in the autumn sun;A busy early start on the east, both walls seeing codling over night along with loads of whiting & horse mac on both walls , an early run of mackerel for both also with sole,plaice, smooth hounds & rays reported on the east. The morning developed quickly on the east with some decent plaice loads of gar  high on the east pollack,bream,wrasse & decent amounts of mackerel.

sat 19 sept

more a tick over day than a hot days fishing, plaice red mullet sole  bass horse mac & mackerel had though no reported greats.

Fri 18th sept

A coloured water start with lots of floating weed very visible,  pollack, red mullet & gurnard the mains of the day & a few plaice for good measure 7 some sole.

thurs 17 sept

west wall remained closed and will do so friday. a reasonable morning session with a few codling to  about 3lb, red mullet & gurnard speckled with a few decent plaice inspite of coloured water. winds picked up somewhat in the afternoon reducing most anglers below bay 20



sun 13 sept

a slow start in coloured water improved as the tide rose. Things started with a decent pollack on feathers jigged down the side of the east   up on the 40's. Undulate ray came next for someone.other catches included plaice  sole gurnards  mackerel over the high. Plenty of  pout & chan whiting , still some  mullet to be had also.

sat 12 sept

overnight news of of a codling(3lbish) on the west & poor conditions on both walls sat morning saw the west closed for the day , no info on catches

Fri 11 sept

East wind folklore certainly rang true today, the morning mackerel run was hard work as was the  lunchtime high tides. A decent codling over night on the west & a nice undulate on the east over night were the highlights of a below average night session.. The day produced  plaice pollack small schoolie's a couple of  rays & bits & pieces the best was a very good looking plaice  around bay 30.

thur 10 sept

The morning runs of horse mac & mackerel continue with the east seing the better of the bait fishing , catches include  plaice red mullet sole rays bream & pollack , gar & quality mackerel sizes to float as well. Both walls currently thick with  fry down the sides early mornings.

wed 9 sept 

1st light run of horse mac & mackerel that stayed on & off most of the day although the numbers of mackerel were intermittent making ppl work for them. A few decent plaice on the east , red mullet ,  sprinkled with gurnard. Some small rays about amongst the  whiting. A few  micro species &  some weavers also being picked up ... watch your hands.

tues 8 sept

lacking info for a proper report but 1st light & high tides did well for mackerel ( shop moving)

Mon 7sept

the familiar start of horse mac & mackerel 1st light & the only night info had was of lots of whiting. mackerel on & off most of the day but slower going on bait , catches dominated by red mullet on a day that the west was closed. west reopening delayed until  tues am.

Sun 6 Sept

A night report of codling on both walls , some schoolie bass &   mobbed with whiting became horse mac in the mornings wee hours some of which went  larger than usual.  1st light brought a fair amount of mackerel then the usual slow down as the tide fell away. The plaice turned on  over on the east & those floating started to see the benefit  with some very large mackerel   being taken., one or  two pushing close to the 2 lb mark. Red mullet & gurnards mid morning amongst the plaice & again  the whiting taking  baits all over the place at time. Lots of bait fish in the water by mid morning.

Sat 5 sept

horse mac pollack & lots of baitfish over night into the early morning . Mackerel as the light came up on the ebb tide.  The morning got off to a decent start on bait with some early plaice followed by plenty of gurnard red mullet & a continue of decent plaice.  plenty of gar & mackerel over the afternoon high as well.

fri 4 sept

if there were 2 days alike fri & thurs were it , almost identical bar the bass catch.

thurs 3 sept

1st light horse mac & mackerel for those there, a slower start to the day on baits. Again decent numbers of mackerel , a few flatties red mullet & gurnard with news of a decent daytime bass high east of around 8lb. The catcher also releasing 5 reasonable schoolies

wed 2 sept

the morning  feature of mackerel & horse mac repeated itself followed by a slow build to something of a rarity of a turbot that  seems to have been over 5lb. Unsure if a pic was taken but was witnessed by the duty warden. Plenty of plaice red mullet & gurnard , less bream today. Lots of gar  & mackerel over the high tide.

Tues 1 sept

Mackerel & horse mac 1st light & again decent numbers on the high tide.  So so on baits but still some nice red mullet & gurnard , bass numbers on the increase in & arond the marina area/beaches. Plaice average sizes getting better also



Mon 31aug

Mackerel & horse mac both walls 1st light for the few that  began the day , lots of rain & heavy showers to start the day. Bream red mullet plaice sole & a few rays to spruce the morning up , one or 2 schoolies had also with a second run of mackerel on the high tide as the sun poked through the clouds.

Sun 30 aug

Slower going with a few mackerel early on shallow water, better going on the high  with mackerel in numbers both walls, plenty of grey mullet reported on the east ,  plus red mullet & gurnard . A few flatties , mainly plaice & micro species down the sides.

sat 29 aug

very coloured water to start & only a few on the walls.... expectation low .... how wrong can you be.. the east fished well with plaice bream sole  mullet gurnard  eels rays & a smooth hound pup, even a few mackerel & the west produced  decent numbers of mackerel horse mac& a few scad. the night has produced codling & am hearing of a large ray among other catches.

Fri 28th aug

walls re opened after  near 3 days closed . Water colour was cack & the fishing was tough going with a morning swell still lingering & a fairly heavy coating of  string weed. Eels seemed the order of the day with plenty of whiting ,pollack &  one or 2 rays thrown in , . Sole & plaice also obliged.

wed/thurs 26/27th both walls closed

Tues 25th aug

weather closed in early forcing both walls to close by mid afternoon

Mon 24 aug

Rain rain & more rain, 4 fishing 1st thing  quickly reduced to 2 for much of the day,  was the fishing decent , it was for them  with some nice sole & mackerel. Rain  & more rain the order of the day.

sun 23aug

fairly much a repeat of saturday , the difference , quieter & rain,! mackerel first thing  then rain on a dropping tide seemed to clear the walls , summer sun in the afternoon & slow  going.

Sat 22 aug

The day started well with  night reports of  loads of eels on both walls  sole  small bass  bream and plenty of horse mackerel. 5 am was very busy on both walls & saw loads of mackerel just after the high water.... & thats where things peaked.  The day turned into a scorcher with lots of sunburn & little in the way of fish. The second high came & went with many struggling to find even a few pout.  an unusual day that was hard for all bar the early birds

Fri 21 aug

the day started well with horse mac & mackerel a plenty  first light with  news of  sole  plaice schoolies dogs & smoothounds over night. The east rapidly developed  with  red mullet gurnard some decent plaice a very nice  undulate for "Graham" of around 12lb, gar, pout pollack bream & wrasse mackerel as the day continued & some dab just for good measure. Late afternoon didnt produce the expected  surge of mackerel but I guess we cant have it all ways

Thurs 20Aug

Another early run for mackerel on both walls on a morning with slightly choppier water. Slow going for bait in the morning picking up as the tides improved.  Plenty of bream red mullet & gurnard about

Wed 19 Aug

The early morning started with mackerel on both walls prior to the tide dropping. After that things were a bit intermittent until the next high that saw the best of the mackerel on the east ,  some decent mullet(thicklip) landed on the east as a shoal came  out n cruised the wall.  A few bream  & plaice seen along with gars red mullet gurnard & lots of pout ... 4pm arrived &   the rain came clearing the walls  fairly much of everyone for the day.

Tues 18 Aug

 1st light  horse mac &mackerel in numbers on both walls  bream & red mullet reported also, loads of thick lipped mullet  cruising along the outside of the east wall also .  plenty of gar & wrasse about now also. , a few plaice showing.

Mon 17 Aug

early morning runs of mackerel on both walls  bream plenty of horse mac over night  and sole reported as well. the day ticked over with bream red mullet , garfish mackerel plaice & smaller species down the sides.

Sun 16 Aug

A low tide dawn still saw a few horse mac & mac but not at the levels of the last 2 weeks . A slow mornings fishing with gurnard plaice red mullet gar & pollack & a few bream  as the tide rose. On the mackerel front things were slow, no afternoon update.

Sat 15th Aug

Early mackerel & horse mackerel for the dawn arrivals on the low tide , lacking night info.  a slow day in the sun , a few gars gurnard & red mullet were sprinkled with sporadic mackerel as the tide came in, up & over .

Fri 14 Aug

A quiet start on the low tide with a few horse mac & mac showing . Not a prolific morning but showing results for those float fishing high on the east with gar bass mackerel & pollack. A scattering of bream & red mullet as the tide came up. No info for  pm yet

Thurs 13th aug

no night info & the day started windy with torrential rain, thunder & lightening. The  break in the morning saw a few arrive on the wall and saw a few mackerel caught for breakfast only to see the  torrents return & clear the wall of people , Little info for late afternoon other than some decent bream and a mini shoal of mackerel unning the west wall.

Wed 12 Aug

A very wet start with 5  fishing the early start , plenty of horse mac on the west , no one on the east. Weather  meant a slow day with only a dozen or so on each wall in the morning. A scattering of mackerel bream red mullet &  gurnards had.

Tues 11 aug

A wet start to the day saw a few brave the  rain to catch horse mac & mackerel on both walls though not in huge numbers , the fishing fizzed down to bream on both walls  over the high with plaice  being a bonus on the east.  down the sides  were red mullet on both walls with   decent  quality bream all day on both. lo cloning  great fish today but plenty of smaller species, a second evening run of mackerel finished the day as it started with horse mac as the liht  fell.

Mon 10th aug

a bit of a blowy start  left the west wall empty and hard work first thing, over on the east  a fair few early bods catching  horse mac followed by a few mackerel. Not the best of days to be out there but there were a few pollack had & more red mullet coming up

Sun 9th Aug

early morning high tide & glorious weather meant a  v v busy start to the day  with the walls filling as early as 3am to catch the tide. Numbers eased about mid day for a few hours with another surge  prior to the evening tide. Sun cream & water is essential at the moment. Sun stroke & sunburns an issue yesterday for some , please be prepared. fishing wise a slow start   , not so many horse mac & mackerel early on ,  extrodinary numbers of red mullet out though & some good bream on both walls again. night fishing seems to be doing very well for rays at the moment & plenty of species coming out.

Sat 8th Aug

The day started very busily on the west with a near full wall & horse mac & mackerel being pulled out at same time, over on the east a similar story &  over night news of  at least 15 species including a good sized undulate ray of which the pic can be found over on the shop facebook page as well as  the  group "brighton marina fishing".  After the high things went quiet as the days temps rose & became  very bright & very hot. Best of the day  was the  quality bream coming out on both walls & a sunfish being spotted on the east   .

Fri 7th Aug

The day started well with news over night of thornies & undulate rays , one of the latter over 5lb, smooth hounds eels bass, whiting & dover sole on the east . This was followed by horse mac & mackerel as the morning started. After a promising start it seemed to slow up & the bait fishing can only be described as chuggy , mackerel on & off with weed an issue on the east for much of the day.

Thurs 6th Aug

The morning started with both walls loaded with horse mac &  mackerel, eels & bass reported over night .  Again the wind proved to be a hampering issue reducing the numbers braving the west  by 9am quickly. Wall was closed by lunchtime &  later managed to re open for the night session.  Lacking  news for a full day report at time of typing.

Wed 5th Aug

A sluggish start recovering from a close down but as the sun came out so did the fish. Plenty of mackerel to be had on both walls   from mid morning onwards. Some nice bream on both walls  with  a few sole on the east  in daylight. Plaice  mullet  red mullet & bass to be had as well.Shad still showing & a little reminder that they are protected & should be returned. All in all a not to shabby day on the wall.

Tues 4th Aug

A scattering of mackerel on the east with horse mac over night saw a breezy start with a weather watch on the west. The wind  came through stronger thgan predicted & not only closed the west by lunchtime but also  forced the close down on the east. Both walls to re open  wed am

Mon 3rd Aug,

A day dominated by SW breezes making things a bit choppy on both walls, over night seemed the only news to hand was lots of horse mackerel on both walls. the morning saw some schoolie bass & plaice & very occasional mackerel. Bream did show on both walls but were hard to come by .  By time the high arrived there were a few mackerel both sided but people were having to work for them as they came through in little flurries

Sun 2nd aug

 the only real night news I had was  ... eventually of 2 rays , one on each wall , both turned out to be undulates , the one on the wast about a kilo the one it turns out on the east was over 7lb, there is a pic of the 7 on its way to Fbook soon. The day started busy with people & got  very busy by time the high tide hit & spaces on both walls was pushed to the limit. Though going on the mackerel today  , over night tons of horse mac recorded. Some quality bream high west & the east bend performed for a while on baits with  bream, gurnard, red mullet  and a few slipper sole coming out before the high... oddly things came to a  bit of a halt as the high arrived  and things were a struggle. did see mackerel reappear about 3pm low on the west and a plaice in quick order.  tide dropping out as I left & people heading home. Unbelievable filled a skip with rubbish today on the east wall !

Sat 1st Aug

 Just to prove that 2 days that look the same dont fish alike Fri and sat looked on paper the same, a sunny calm start with clear water and early morning runs of mackerel & horse mackerel on both walls....... and there the similarity ended. A bigger  low tide  meant longer  (or it seemed) on the  slack water with little happening... almost to 11am  !.  The mackerel arived very sluggishly in numbers 1st on the east &  intermittently on the west. They were there , but were hard work. The up side ... as there is always an up side was the  species coming out on bait were  quality. Some large bream, plenty of red mullet gurnards on both walls & one of the largest gurnards off the wall I have seen in 6 years over on the west for a guy called Kurt Plaice  grey mullet  a nice bass on the west amongst all the feathers to bait  tons of pouting & a fair few mini species even a cuttle (although dead) retrieved on feathers by John  over on the east.  mid afternoon the west cleared out somewhat as  the wind picked up making conditions somewhat lumpy & a tad unfishable.  We are also getting a few shad on the walls , they seem like  schoolie bass in appearance with large scales  that easily peel off. some think they are over sized herring...... they are a protected species & should be handled carefully and returned to the water.

JULY 2015

 Fri 31st jul

Mackerel mackerel mackerel... thats the story of the day. they started about 5am on the west & were still being caught at 4pm! , over on the east a similar story  although the bend saw the best of it , plenty of bream on the higher part of the west , over on the east  some shad, wrasse, eels mullet & gurnards. Loasts of sunshine & plenty of happy people.

Thurs 30th Jul

Mackerel returned to the walls although no great numbers, high east ba air few schoolie bass & a few flatties(who says dredgers are bad). over all a sluggish day as the wind & tides settle & still dominated by weed.

Wed 29th Jul

Both walls opened although very windy on the west with tons of weed.  Not so great on the east with rafts drifting past clogging hooks & baits. Eels, pout,wrasse order of the day , didn't hear of any flatties for those that braved the wind , looking settled for the next few days & should pick up quickly


Sun east closed quite early as the winds picked up , both stayed closed  mon & tues. Wall expected (east) to be open b4 7am, west to open wind allowing.

Sat 25th Jul

Plenty of mackerel on both tides, blowy again  on the SW hampering catches, gurnard,plaice bream amongst the  smaller species

Fri 24th Jul

A decent night reported with on the east ,bass, thornback & undulate rays,pout, cuttlefish,  bream,pollack horse mac & mackerel in the morning on both walls,

Mackerel all over the place on this afternoons tide

thurs 23rd Jul

mackerel horse mac early , over mon night into tues some bass bream pollack loads of pout & small thornies , lacking day info

Wed 22nd June

No one about  really to start the day, night watch said was quiet even for the  horse mac. A sluggish day as the wind again dominated on the SW with the catches on the east amongst the water spikes.  Red mullet small bream, pout,gurnard & a not so common catch of a small turbot. Eels  undersized bass fairly much pegged the  run of the day.Hopefully the wind will be kinder for the next 2 days.

Tues 21st Jul

Overnight still getting some small hounds, occasional dogfish & lobster, horse mac seem a regular as well , pout & pollack down the sides. Daytime yesterday hampered by the wind but plenty of 1st light mackerel about. Decent bream on the east as well as plaice & gurnard amongst the catches

Mon 20th July

The day started wet & only saw 2 people coming of the east with a decent amount of horse mackerel, did hear of skate & small smoothounds on the east & a couple of bass to 4lb. The day wasnt the easiest  as the wind hampered catches on the west quite severly. On the east  slow going but some nice plaice & bream logged , small smelt & pouting down the sides & some wrasse had also.

Sun 19th Jul

 A damp start sent most of the over nighters scurrying home leaving 5 bags of debris(cheers guys) bass  horse mack & mackerel for the bulk of them .... Sun day dried out fast &  became hot & a tad blowy. The west struggled with the wind but just about stayed open . Over on the east things were sluggish with weed still an issue .  a day of small species other than a 6lb bass in the wee hours low east

Sat 18th Jul

Over night bass, bream,smooth hound pups,baby thornbacks,horse mackerel Pollack Pout & little issue with the wind & weed . Daytime tick over & things changed as the breeze went SW & the weed returned as an issue, pout wrasse smelt & plaice b4 the high also saw tons of long week Plus spongy junk that covered baits & hooks alike. A few mackere over the high but nothing in numbers , bream high on the west & although sunny the fishing struggled to get past the weed.

Fri 17th Jul

lack updates

Thurs 16th Jul

overnight a good tally for species with a 4lb+ bass high pegs  smooth hounds in numbers although small, bream , plaice,sole,pout, smelt,gurnard eels & horse mackerel on both walls. Daytime  the forecast promised a bit of all conditions with a light breeze .... nope....  the easterly did no-one any favours pushing tons of weed against the wall, a sea fog started the day & finished with sun rather than expected showers .  the fish declined to play and for my pains only saw a couple of bream,wrasse plaice gurnard &  acouple of mackerel. brutal to fish it.

wed15th Jul

a damp  foggy/low cloud start that brightened up  by lunch, plenty of bites on the east & a fair few species being logged including bream , pollack & wrasse

 Tues 14th

lacking catch reports & info

Mon 13th Jul

more a case of hang on to the wall than a catching day , while the east did manage to stay open in poor conditions catch reports were at the least vague.

Sun 12th Jul

Winds & promised rain was the forecast , got some of both but not quite in the amount predicted. with W to SW winds with gusts 25+, west  remained closed with a close watch on the east . bays 1-22 were fished yesterday but I wouldnt class it as a fun day :). Pollack whiting,eels dogfish  & rays over night.

Sat 11th Jul

A busy start number wise on both walls as 2 mackerel shoals ran the west wall, pollack  some good bream mid west ,reports of cuttle being caught also and bass through the night. Over on the east not quite so packed 1st thing but also   mackerel   some  quality bream pout  plaice a dozen or so species through the night  with horse mac taken on both walls.

Fri 10th Jul

a slower start to the day after the previous evenings glut of mackerel & no info from the west wall. East started to play just before the high with plaice & bream showing up just prior to the high with mackerel on both walls just after . slowing done as the tide dropped & the day heated up.

Thurs 9th Jul

slow going this morning on coloured water patchy reports of gurnard & flatties , tide & colour much improved by late afternoon & loads of mackerel on both walls, Fri shaping up to be a busy one

Wed 8th Jul

walls both closed for the day , re open thurs morning

Tues 7th Jul

Morning mackerel & a report from over night regulars hitting 16 species, the mackerel fizzled out & the wind build through the day closing the west by 4pm & the east closed about 7.30pm ,

Mon 6th Jul

 fairly busy start to the day with mackerel on both walls , another species count on the east  & once the sun came up things got quite busy. East wall currently out performing the west on most counts, bream,wrasse,gar,mackerel,pollack,red & grey mullet, gurnard,red mullet, bullheads,pout in numbers , horse mac,shad,smoothounds, even a few jellyfish floating bye.

Sun 5th jul

Over night things were busy , plenty to add to the species list on th east wall with smooth hounds , lobster sole  flounder gurnard eel, sand smelt garfish horse mackerel shad herring mackerel in numbers 1st light, wrasse & bream , both walls started busy, myself , I managed to get out on Lady of the lake for the day .

Sat 4th Jul

early morning & night  reporting  smooth hounds &  bream ,  better numbers of horse mackerel & early mackerel on the east, loads of pout

Fri 3rd Jul

didnt spot any mackerel 1st light & a quieter start to the day, bass reported over night &  sole high on the east. Loads of baitfish in the water & a few bream , wrasse, mackerel over the high, pollack & micro's about also.

Thurs 2nd July

Mackerel over the tides & slowed up 1st light, Horse mackerel at night on the east & some decent bass been had this week & a couple yesterday on the east. Bream  higher pegs on east & mid wall west, gurnards still in good numbers &  looking like a few smooth hound patroling certain bays on the east. all looking up , wrasse  gar blennies lots of pout  lobster & crabs  still ticking over

Wed 1st July

Gurnards still coming out in fair numbers , some bream , mullet  bass getting larger , mackerel on both walls with the high doing well, smooth hounds showing at night with another 3 recorded over night. Bay 31 this morning reporting a big hit of something that straightend out the hook on the rig  about 3am ... snake or smoothie maybe. occasional sole  during the day on high pegs also.

LATE edit ,  horse mackerel caught last night

JUNE 2015


Mon 29th June & tues 30th

no night info due to lack of anglers, work on the east wall now finished, mackerel on both walls & a few bream, pollack  gurnards & a variety of smaller species, quieter today on the flatfish side of things.

Night update , lots of mackerel on the east bend last night with plenty of pollack coming in also

this morning there were a   mackerel on both walls , intermittently in good numbers on both wall bends. East saw a few gurnards, flounder  plaice & a nice sole high up , loads of small pout down the sides & a nice mullet for "tony" today  up on bay 60

Sun 28th June

 both walls got visited this morning by  reasonable numbers of mackerel, loads of pout a few bass on both walls & some SHAD. For those that  have not come across these fish , simply put they look like  very big herring and are not only quite delicate but on the protected list . If anyone gets  one of these please handle with care & try to return them. Talking of herring , there are some  running with the mackerel & saw some this morning ... news from the night ...  smooth hounds just after it went dark on the east arm ....  set your drag folks we dont want any more rods vanishing over the wall

pic link >> https://www.facebook.com/TheTackleboxBrighton/photos/a.208660575966931.1073741838.169168206582835/495393393960313/?type=1&theater

Sat 27th June

not the best of days to be out there fishing as far as the wall is concerned, it started off looking good but with a cross wind forcast was a case of will it or wont it, early morning mackerel, gurnard lots of pout & a lobster on the east  seemed to say not so bad & then the wind came.  The west was as a result very lumpy & unproducing & over on the east  pushed a day of bits , unknown what happened as yet on the 2nd high , bream showing west & high on the east with one or 2 sole high east

Thurs/Fri 25/26th

Both mornings saw some mackerel although no great shoals, bream starting to show a little more on the west now with  wrasse also on both walls.  Nights are producing  lots of pout , schoolie bass & a few rays  on both walls. Mackerel flurries on the high tides.

Tues /Wed 23/24th

Slower going on the west , a few schoolies , a few mackerel,eels & pollack over all not easy going

Sun/Mon 21/22 June

Lobsters, seems there are a few coming out along with an increase in the size of rays being caught over the last few days. Am hearing of Undulates being regularly caught not only  localy but also on the marina . Thornbacks were common but also very small & now we have seen undulates going upto 5lb!. The ban on taking undulates seems to be working. Not great going on other species, scattered mackerel sunday ,  an increase on  numbers & size of wrasse & a regular tick over of plaice & pollack. Mon am was quiet with heavy rain & still awaiting the return of gar fish.

Sat 20th June

the morning started brightly with mackerel pout  schoolie bass shad & a few lobsters being seen or reported & the threat of rain fairly much only ever being just a threat.  The afternoon became breezy & the fish slowed up as the conditions changed.  wrasse & eels showing & some plaice chucked in amongst the plaice made a day of 2 very different halves.

Thurs /Fri 18/19june

Not been the best of things over the last 2 days , increased winds have made the walls sloppy to fish  with thurs being the better of the  two, a few mackerel over the tides seemingly the highlight. Flatties on the east but the west fishing quite brutally hard this week. Fri the wind increased & with the east on a forced close for repairs things were quite bleak with a brisk wind blowing against it. "staring into the sun" was one phrase used.Best catch of the day was Paulo's  one limbed lobster pictured on the FB page

Wed 17th

The early morning run looked glorious , a shame that it only lasted a couple of hours & then the wind built & stayed making things  uncomfortable to say the least. A few nice plaice had early but  I am lacking any decent catch info beyond 9am as I type.

Tues 16th June

decided to have a dabble on the west, arrived too late to get in on the  early bass but figures to have a look for some early bream ... in short  didn't find any bream , most baits came back either untouched or feeding up  the next gen of starfish. Mackerel mid tide on the west & high tide on the east ... over all hard work with bait but a nice day to top up the tan. The east fished somewhat better with plenty of mackerel some very nice plaice  , gurnard dab a few flounder & schoolie bass bringing up the catches.

Mon 15th June

not the best day in the world for fish , not a bad day on the weather front.  bits n bobs over night , a morning bass run on lures for those that knew where to look & a few mackerel over the 3 high tides.

Sun 14th Jun

Mackerel came out to play on the 1st high of the day almost as if on que on both walls although fishing for other species was somewhat slow. Heard there was a 2nd run later in the afternoon with plaice bream eels & pollack among other catches.

Sat 13th June

east open , conditions challenging, west closed

Round up report really has little to say, the wind never died till well past 9pm making  very sloppy conditions on the east. Ells & pout the order of the day

Fri 12th June

mackerel on both walls through the high, plaice sole gurnard bream wrasse among other catches.

weather warning, possibly no night fishing  Friday night & a double close Saturday on the cards

Thurs 11th june

lacking any catch reports other than a fair few mackerel on the east yesterday, some under sized bream on the west ,  shcoolies still about &  plaice & gurnards on the east also

Wed 10th June

The morning tide began on the west with a small flurry of mackerel, Currently it seems the window for catching them is small. Unsure how the morning  progressed on the dropping tide due to lack of info. The afternoon saw a few mackerel on both walls with plaice  dab, gurnard, schoolie bass  and plenty of pout .

Tues 9th June

the morning started off with a chill NE breeze that to be honest only ever got worse keeping things feeling cold. The early high brought some dab plaice & a schoolie bass  along with about 20 or so mackerel with the bulk of the night catches seemingly  lots of pout. The days conditions kept it hard going with 40-50 mackerel on the east in the afternoon & nothing sizeable , a few bream & wrasse on the west but little of size or worth keeping

Mon 8th June

the water is taking its time but  slowly clearing. So much so that there were a few mackerel had on the east arm  this afternoon. Gurnard & plaice also noticable on the east with some schoolie bass had on the west mid morning. Plenty of pout & micro species for the dabblers .

Sun 7th June

 bodies on the ground so to speak & a lack of news to give a fair over night pic other than tough going & v weedy. Today while glorious weather the may rot has dominated & the day has been a huge struggle for much other than micro species and pouting. on the up side some mackerel catches & good bream reports coming in off the boats.

sat 6th june 

total lack of feedback to  post any catches

Fri 5th June

 over night  thornies & small undulates had on the west , schoolie bass pout & sole small doggies also reported on the east wall. Am aware of plaice sole small schoolies during the day on the walls along with eels , water remains  bloomy although there are  signs that its on its way out.

Thur 4th June

The plot thickens on the East wall, having already mentioned here or on the marina FB group about lost or broken rods another incident for the  area 27-32 !. This mornings angler comment  & evidence was as follows. "I think there is something big down there "  6/0 hook, wire trace & a big lump of mackerel over the side in the small hours of the morning & result..... a  quick whirlpool of  activity & a sheered  through wire trace !, creature unseen & again bay 28. On the fish front for the day yesterday im gathering that it was quite slow , a few plaice pout  micro species & eels still about while the water starts to clear. May rot burning of rapidly now with the marina yesterday smelling like rotten eggs.

wed 3rd june

no info so little to say

Mon 1st June & Tues 2nd walls closed

MAY 2015

Sun 31st -  closed

sat 30th 

A poor days fishing, a couple of plaice & pollack reported backed up by pout in  windy conditions on the east

fri 29th closed 

Thurs 28th May

a tough old day on the east with little to report other that frustrated anglers & a few pout. Expect both walls to be closed by morning

Wed 27th May

water still not great but the weather played nice until mid afternoon as the wind picked up- on the westerly.  A few plaice , pollack down the side  occasional wrasse, sole ,schoolies over night . West wall closed early evening & will remain shut on thurs

Tues 26th May

the day started with a round up from the night guy & news of some bass being taken on squid but generally quiet in numbers & fish. A nice morning promised a decent day weather wise & that proved the case but   I can only dress up a poor days fishing report so far.  Slow going for much of it with a few plaice a couple of schoolie bass, some pollack  and a day of micro species down the side of the wall

Mon 25th May

Not one of the most productive bank holidays. A slow start & in general quiet day on the walls without the usual crush to get on the wall. An early morning mackerel on the east teased people into thinking  the  fish would play although the water colour was poor with may rot visible. By early afternoon  people were leaving as the breeze picked up making the  water very sloppy & not very productive for fish. A few flatties reported but mostly  micro species being had. Took jnr for a dabble on the west extention more to see if anything was showing over the high water but was tough going & was packing up by 5pm as he was  cold n bored. As was walking off the wall saw  a hand full of mackerel caught  within a few mins but no idea if the numbers increased  as the tide came up n over

weekend species round up

gar, plaice, flounders,pollack,schoolie bass,dogfish,baby smoothounds, squid,cuttlefish,wrasse,pouting,blennies,bullheads,gobies,eels,2 broken rods on the east 1 from a big hit 1 for buying cheep & over night a lost rod from a big hit the flew straight out to sea on bay 27! The may be something luring in that area thats sizeable !

Sun 24th May

Mackerel still not out to play so its still down to the bait to keep the  end up , this weekend having had a little more info has done well on the east for the flatties, plaice mid wall & flounders high end, pollack  on many parts also.Gars are now coming through with dogs & small smoothhounds at night, baby rays cuttlefish & wrasse being taken.

sat 23rd May

weather finally relenting and beginning to behave so hopefully some decent patters may form  regarding the fishing . Somewhat tough going & busy re numbers on the walls. mackerel declined to play  though jigs are still worth a go if looking for cuttle fish.  Pollack, eels a few plaice & signs that sole are around having seen some of the commercials with fair to good numbers. Micro species now arriving on the walls with blennies, gobies & bullheads. To confirm night fishing is now back in full swing with both walls fully up & running.... oh & some   schoolies being caught in the 2-3.5lb range :)

Fri 22nd May

 very few fishing the walls today to see a few mackerel caught on both walls. Cynics may say " boh perfect timing for the BH w/e" but , thats how it goes. Plaice gars & pollack being caught  this week, no mass numbers but a nice tick over.  Wrasse showing more often & mini species   becoming more common. Baby thornbacks & a few dogfish at least one decent mullet & a few schoolies  between 2 & 3 lbto round things up.

wed/thurs lack catch info

Mon/Tues 18/19  may closed

Sun 17th May

A nice morning to get out  got a bit lumpy on the west & made fishing that side almost redundant. The east seemed to have a bits & pieces morning, sadly the mackerel chose not to play

Sat 16th May

a bumpy start with a delayed opening on the west. The wind never really went away & the west fairly much was unpleasant to fish the whole day. East morning was slow  but saw a nice  schoolie bass of about 3lb  , loads of pout , a couple of flattes  & some thornback babies had.

Fri 15th May

slow going with water coloured & taking a very long time to clean,when it did start to do so the wsw wind started picking up & reduced the west wall to a choppy bit of hard work.  small bass & eels  seemed to sum up the west &  some fair sized plaice for those that fished the east. Wasn't pretty wasn't easy & the water proved stubborn to clear.Bullheads,chan & pout whiting the mainstay for the day.

Thurs  14th May

Forecast expected to close east , please check with shop, west should open as normal.

no report as not a soul fished today amongst the downpours  

Tues wed no catch info having taken a  few hrs off

Mon 11th May

forecast showed a promising start, shame the weather  didnt play ball ! , low cloud call it fog sat over the marina  cutting the sun, the wind picked up & made things choppy & the water went an odd snotty green. only a few fishing on either wall but some nice plaice & a gurnard on the east were supplemented with a few under sized schoolies c/o a gent from Scaynes Hill(locals will know it). The west with the wind was fairly pants most of the day &  most  avoided or moved fairly quickly... it did produce pollack & bullheads (im told) 5pm rolled around & the high fog(low cloud) dropped like a stone & encouraged the stragglers to pack it in as a poor job.. Both walls open in the morning (west open all night tonight & tomorrow)

Sun 10th May

A seriously tough day on both walls, things got busy fast with very little space left by mid day. Forecast predicted showers that never happened & the  sun came out to play for the day.... sadly the fish were not told. Species wise ,  wrasse  dab & small plaice , eels on both walls & lots of  pout & a few chan whiting with what looked like a small coalfish(not 100% sure on id) the expected mackerel failed to show as the tide came up & over

sat 9th closed

Fri 8th May

slow going as the  water cleaned up,  lots of  chan & pout whiting to be had  little else to bait other than an eel & a returned under sized bas. over the high  40-50 mackerel had on the west wall & then the rain started.  Chilly & drizzle thinned the walls quickly prior to them being closed for the night.

Thur 7th May

a tough day in the SW winds , east open early , west was about 1pm. Dogfish pout & chan whiting the order of the day . Friday both walls open daytime but no night fishing

Tues/wed 5-6th may both walls closed

Mon 4th May

walls opened today, east opened on time with the conditions delaying the west opening until 9am. A busy start for anglers saw the east fill quickly  with a lot of mackerel hunters. Things on the east were very slow ,  chan & pout whiting baby rays & occasional plaice made things tough going. Over on the west the water slowly cleared & was not much better on the fish front until a few mackerel showed up to sheer everyone up that was holding tinsel.  Of note today the first BREAM that either colin or I  have seen this year on the walls . Have been promised a picture later in the day that hopefully will go up on the shop facebook page

LINK >> https://www.facebook.com/TheTackleboxBrighton?ref=hl


Sat 2nd May

 The mackerel have arrived today on both walls in decent numbers,  some pollack on the east & squid , other than that there were mainly pout to be had. walls closed tonight & sunday


APRIL 2015




Not the best of starts for the last week of april, May rot & blowy conditions have caused some close downs & tough  going on the fish front. Mon saw squid on both walls but then it  went down hill with the  bulk of catches being pout & chan whiting & a few pollack

Sun 26th Apr

 squid & now cuttle showing on both walls in numbers , mackerel both sides but no  masses, pollack in places both walls also a few flatties for variety

Fri sat 24/25th apr

west wall doing well for squid still,  mackerel both walls as the squid,  small schoolie bass starting to show ,  occasional gar & wrasse herring & sprats mixed in on the highs

Wed thurs 22/23rd Apr

west  producing some nice squid  for the last 2 days with a few on the east also, mackerel on both though no numbers on the east with the best on the west wall.  pollack & micro species making up the bulk & a scattering of plaice n dab.

Tues 21st Apr

a slow day im told , a few mackies a few squid &  not many showing off catches .... or telling . 

Mon 20th Apr

The morning again started with a harsh NE wind that took its time  settling, east while dry was opened up to bay 60 & is currently closing about 7pm. West open all night subject to conditions. The fishing ? well I could dress it up but I think the phrase is BRUTAL!    

May rot is closing in fast , & the walls saw a few mackerel both sides similar with the squid but the rest was mainly micro species making things hard work as the day heated up.

sun 19th Apr

west wall saw a flurry of mackerel from the high onwards & some seen also on the east after the comp was done, some plaice & gar made up a pattern on the west , over on the east the squid comp went into full flow  starting at 10am, bay 4 hit the mark  within 2 mins of the start with many bays  from 1 through 40 getting knocks , misses & lands. the winner snuck 2 out with  20 mins to go while Charlie managed 3 & led for much of the match responding to catches to hold the lead much of the day. full  results

Bay 1 masaru 45.1cm

bay 3 mike Size 24cm

Bay 3 rob 30cm

Bay 18 Howard 24,1cm

Bay19, Paul 44,8cm

Bay 26 Charlie 21.5cm &26cm & 26cm

Bay 26 manny 42 cm

Bay 30 Glyn 40cm

Bay 33 ,Michael 44,.5cm

Bay 34 jess 34.7cm & 40cm£

Bay 40, John 35cm & 34,8cm

Bay 42 Sarah 26cm

Longest combined length

winner Jess 74.7 cm

runner up Charlie 73.5cm

3rd prize John 69.8cm

Largest individual squid prize masaru 45.1cm

Jnr winner Thomas lee

Raised £442 of which £50 was donated by Dave Grinham from the tacklebox



 SUNDAY:please note , the east wall will be cleared of anglers from 7am to allow any clean up and access will only be to general public & squiders that have drawn their peg after 8am

Sat 18th Apr

well the wind played maria ...... some will get it ......  NE to East  strong n nasty made the fishing on the east brutal, some mackerel & a couple of squid &  v little else mentioned other than that wind ..... unpleasant was an understatement ! .... over on the west , busy with bodies , the extention  got opened to  spread the load as some mackerel showed up , at least 40 good sized ones caught  add in a couple of plaice , squid & gar wasnt a storming tally but a fair indicator of things to come if the winds settle.

Fri 17th Apr

squid in numbers  a few mackerel on the west , some plaice whispered about & pout , not a great day in the wind unless you were hunting cephlopods !

Thurs 16th Apr

An early morning mackerel at 8.30am on the east (tin hats at the ready!) west saw pollack today & both walls saw decent numbers of squid which bodes well for sundays comp on the east wall

Wed 15 Apr

Squid now settled back on the walls a few plaice rockling & whiting

Tues 14 Apr

slow going this morning as the water cleared with a return of some squid in the afternoon, pout & rockling hanging about

mon 13th apr

slow going , water taking time to clear on both walls.  pout , whiting & rockling the catches on both walls with one  keeper plaice  late in the day on the east

sat/sun 11-12th Apr

poor conditions over the w/end saw the west closed & just the east open for anglers. This reflected in the quality of catches being more of a species tally than decent going.rockling, pout, dab and flounder.  undersize whiting, wrasse and pollack.

Fri 10th April

weather watch , due to conditions both walls will close tonight , sat the west will remain closed , if conditions allow we may get the east open by lunch  8.30 am check

Both walls fairly quiet today ,  a few plaice  but slow fishing  other than squid on both walls. I am begining to suspect these squid are scaring the bejebus out of other species !

Thur 9th Apr

a slow day more noted for the afternoon sea mist than the sun, although warm I suspect there were more squid had than fish today! some plaice (best west) wrasse  pout,rockling and a couple of herring reported . All in all a slow day

Wed 8th Apr

Fishing has been slow today , a few squid both walls & better sized plaice on the west. A few flatties about but no great numbers, sporadic herring & a few micro species. A tough day in sunny conditions. On the up side the west extension is nearly finished  on the jet washing with a fair few repairs to be done after that.

Tues 7th Apr

the cracking weather continues almost feeling like summer, a real shame the fish do not agree, .  a slow day  on both walls but in all honesty ... not bad for the begining of april.  Plaice on both walls with the best today on the west. Squid on both although no great numbers. A few herring

dab & flounder with micro species rounding things up

Mon 6th apr

both walls open for the 1st time this year, bank holiday an a decent weather forecast filled the east wall in double quick time,the wast slowly filled but was never an issue for space,, east report at time of post is a bit thin, some squid on the high a few spotties dab and another wrasse and some herring... west tough going , a nice plaice and a few fat herring mid wall , beyond that , micro species in the way of  bullheads & pout ...

sun 5th apr

well here we go,.. don't fish the marina ... it's crap ... ok that it seems was the morning .....

.... Part 2 ... squid , in close & mid 30's , prob a dozen confirmed, rest of the day ... hard going but a few flatties, mainly plaice n dab , whiting & rockling still about also... expect an update/announcement soon on the annual squid comp Work completed on the west to allow us to open it up  during the day. Night fishing  being aimed at for may.

Sat 4th Apr

slower going on the wall fish wise today , infact hard going, v little seen b4 lunch other than crabs bait thieving . Did see one or two decent plaice  mid afternoon  some dabs & a few whiting & rockling still about. Bullheads showing on the lower bays,no sign of squid or cuttle yet.

Fri 3rd Apr

water clearing nicely after the  blows,  a few plaice had along with whiting & rockling .

Thurs 2nd Apr

mucky water & a bit of a swell 1st thing, whiting & rockling the mainstay with  smoothhound pups & pouting in the mix

Wed Apr 1st

wall closed


March 2015

 Tues 31st & wed 1st apr walls closed

 Mon 30 Mar

 wall open, poor conditions & only a couple ventured out , little to report

Sat  Sun 28/29 mar

Both walls closed no decision yet for mon.

Fri 27th Mar

coloured water and a bit of a chop on the water, not so many anglers as earlier in the week , catches were mainly rockling & whiting with a few dab chucked in for good measure

thurs 26th Mar

wall stayed closed

Wed 25th Mar

Herring showed up through the morning , not masses but fair amounts, a few plaice also seen b4 lunch .Thurs am wall to stay closed with a looksee at conditions about 12

Tues 24th Mar

a slower day reported with the wet & cold conditions putting many off , did hear of dab & occasional herring though

Mon 23rd Mar

slower on the fishing today although plaice & herring were reported 

Sun22nd Mar

 wall of to a busy start with  ppl arriving for a match from I believe Southampton . A fairly busy day on the wall with  dab  flounder   a fair few plaice & reasonable numbers of herring caught . Heard that there were a couple of shad  caught as well unsure if the catcher was aware that they should have been returned as protected though.

sat 21st mar

no star flatties today but some about . Lots of herring on & off through the day , dab flounder & plaice caught but no real lumps, whiting & pout also caught

Fri 20th March

some very nice plaice out today , one for  Micky T went about 2lb , plenty of herring on the high tide also

Thur 19th mar

tough going with a cold northerly constant all day , little reported other than rockling.

Jet washing on the west, wont be ready for a while as loads to do including over 30 repairs. Work on the  marina vehicle access ramps  mean the  beach  access to the marina currently closed off as is the west wall for at least 3 weeks.

Wed 18th Mar

A nice plaice out today on bay 27, 1st of the year for the marina, v quiet otherwise

Tues 17th Mar

wall quiet,  Pollack comp was a blast

Daiwa Brighton Pollack comp 2015 results
1st Alan Coombes ----16/4oz
2nd Paul James-----15/1oz
3rd Peter Cook---14/14oz
4th Dick Leggett---14/4oz
4th Ray Barron---14/4oz
Junior Master Michael Parker 12/0oz
Winning charter Boat Lady of the lake skipper John Barrow
Winning private boat jolly O

Mon 16th Mar

whiting & rockling & an almost empty wall

 Sun 15th Mar

 NEast cross wind making things unpleasant,  only a few fishing mothers day , whiting & rockling the only fish noticed

 Sat 14th Mar

wall opened at 8.30 am , 2 locals 1st on,  a flounder seemed the highlight of the day with mainly rockling & whiting caught by the few fishing

Fri 13th March

Been a very long day on the wall but it has been worth it. There will be a rolling opening from tomorrow morning on the EAST wall.

The wall will open  at 8-30 am & close at 6pm, no night fishing for the time being.There is still plenty to do re jet washing and hole repairs to do on both levels  but as it progresses we will open  further bays & upper level access.The west is a little while away yet.

Thurs 12th March

Work progressing on the east. Thurs a down day, enquiries re opening to the shop after sat, hoping to get a rolling opening sorted very soon. As the  larger holes get cleaned out they can be repaired properly.

Mon 9th March

re delays on marina,
Biggest issue has been with the new jet washer , seems the comp that sorted it messed up the lance size , just spoken to the boss & "its being worked on as speak" , equipment should ALL be in the Marina by Thurs morning. Looking like a busy few days about to begin , with luck there may be good news for next week on the east wall.

 6th March

 There have been a few delays getting the new jet washer into use on the wall. Hoping now to get a start next week , if  the issues are sorted there will as the work  gets going be a rolling opening on the east with the early bays opening 1st.

The delays were not expected & have left many frustrated with the delays. Blog page has not been updated  simply because there has been so little to post. With luck there will be some proper info next week.

February 2015

 Feb 7th

 wall update,:- gonna be a while yet , lots of holes to refill & frosts are hampering work.Been out with a steel broom to test depth & strength of the algae, hoping these heavy frosts ease soon so can  crack on

feb 4th

Current weather conditions & general state of both walls means that  maintenance work that is badly needed on both walls is expected to last until the end of the Month. If this situation changes further updates will be posted here & on the home page. Please bear with us, while frustrating the work must be done to meet H&S requirements  set by the Marina's public liability policies.

January 2015


 Fri 16th Jan

due to poor general condition of the walls both are expected to remain closed throughout January  

Jan 5th - Thurs 15th 

walls closed due to poor conditions

sun 4th Jan

wall was closed sat, open sun about 7am,  a small possibility of opening sun night

news of whiting some flounder a  sole & talk of a codling on the lower east bays today (cheers Barry)

Thurs 1st Jan

first post of the year & news of some reasonable flounder being caught in amongst the  whiting &  dreaded rockling return