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From Sunday 30th Nov the east will close at 6pm & re open between 7 & 8am subject to conditions

The EAST will only be open over night on Saturdays




sat27th dec,

wall check for damage about 8am, opening decision dependant on wall condition then

21st -26th walls closed

20 Dec 

wall expected to open about 8.30 am ,  probably not open over night

17/18/19th dec


15/16th dec

very few fishing , whiting the main stay ,  one or two flounders, & dogfish reported

13/14th dec 

walls open  catches dominated by whiting , some  dogfish , still some bass about  with local beaches recently reporting a 20lb cod , & 3 double figure bass in the last 3 days

11& 12th walls closed

9 & 10th dec walls closed

Dec 4-7th

Colder & quieter the last week with very few fishing. some flaties & mainly  whiting. Occasional bass to 3lb. No sign yet of herring

Dec 1-3rd

 Temps now dropping & damper weather setting in , I guess winter has finally arrived! Catches over the last week have been varies as the water temp stays above the norm. Bass still about mostly in the 2-4lb mark,  wrasse, pollack and flatties making a return in the form of plaice dab & flounder. Sole curiously quieter this year.Chan & pout whiting in high amounts & blennies , dog fish small rays still to be had close to the wall although the  species & catch rates are noticable in the slow down rate as the water cools.



 Sun 30th Dec

Plaice,flounder, some small schoolie bass &  lots of whiting

Sat 29th Dec 

Quite a selection of species today starting with the expected chan & pout whiting in numbers.  The sun came out to play & so did some fish. Flounders & schoolie bass, a decent near 2lb wrasse blennies & gobies all in fairly cloudy water.

Thurs 26th Nov

not many fishing today , clear water brought a mackerel & gar to floats , v small schoolie & the usual pout & chan whiting

Wed 26th Nov

had a dabble over the daytime high & slow going . I suspect the whiting now mainly at night as the water clears.

Mon /tues 24/25

Angler numbers slowed up now as the colder , wetter weather takes hold whiting the main catch with a few pollack & mini species about.  Still seeing  one or two bass at night being caught in the 3-5lb range

 sat 22nd 

tons of whiting ,chan & pout, dab,pollack, blennies wrasse & a small  undulate had

wed 19th nov

whiting, a reasonable bass reported one or to flatties commented on today

mon tues 17/18th

whiting in numbers pollack pout eels  flounder starting to show & a smooth hound reported

Sun 16th Nov

 whiting & pollack order of the day

Sat 15th Nov

east wall open 6am , west to stay closed

channel & pout whiting & some dogfish the story of the day

thurs fri 13/14th closed

Mon /Tues/wed 10-11-12th

wall closed

Sun 9th Nov

mostly whiting caught, dogfish, eels & a flounder for good measure  

Sat 8th Nov

2 days of closure , a wall check on the East planned for  the morning . Barring damage problems the EAST should be open b4 9am

 Nov 5th

 up & down week, some closures  & mixed weather. Things cooling  temp wise . Lots of  pout & chan whiting , occasional bass & a few codling. Ells & a few plaice starting to return , flounders seem quiet in numbers



Fri 31st oct

a cracking day in the sun, almost like summer & T-shirt on all day.  Took jnr fishing on the east , 50  small fish between us both plus a decent pollack for him. chan & pout whiting wrasse &  a bullhead.  heard of a couple of  small mackerel high up & gars also seen . plaice  red mullet & 3 decent  thick lipped mullet high up the east

Thurs 30th oct

breezy  & coloured water the feature of the week. Whiting eels & pollock the mainstays , occasional plaice & still bass to be had around the marina...

Tues 28th oct

up & down few days. Southerlies don't seem to be easing much & keeping the water coloured. Mainly pollack & whiting the catches  with some plaice & the occasional bass the mainstays.

Sun 23rd oct

west to remain shut , some maintenance work being hampered by weather conditions.

Sat 22nd Oct

after some poor weather the east was opened for fishing Thurs / Fri, conditions were not great & somewhat choppy with very coloured water . Catches currently are mainly whiting & eels in poor water colour.  The wind settles a bit for sat  & maybe even sun but expect the water to stay coloured for most of the week at least.

sat round up , 1st light saw whiting pollack & some very small schoolies. things ticked over through the day with mostly whiting low & mid wall with some pollack & plaice higher up . Surprise of the day was  a handful of mackerel late afternoon higher up the east.

Tues 21st

both closed

Mon 20th Aug 

A wall check planned for 8am, if all ok east will open for the daytime & close about 9pm , both walls will be closed monday night

Mainly whiting caught during the day

closed up to including sun  19th

Tues /wed 14/15th

a tick over on the east, mackerel about with numbers increasing over the last 2 days , whiting & pollack during the night with plaice numbers slowly on the pick up , a nice sole early hours this morning of 2lb on the east was followed up on the west about 9am with a bass of 5.11lb for phil the night man

 Mon 13th Oct

 with the west closed over night & the morning anglers waiting for the light with feathers   there was little to report over night other than whiting. Morning brought a dropping tide & a slow start start to the day.  On the rise the water started to clear &  the tide brought with it decent sized gurnard & plaice  followed by lots of joey mackerel ! seems the blows during last week failed to put the mackerel off. Heavy rain in the afternoon & early evening drove most home or for cover & the catch reports  fizzled out.

Sun 12th oct

 mainly whiting reportd over night on the east , both walls up & running for the day with the west closing over night

Sat 11th Oct

east open Latest up-date, there is some damage to the west that needs attending to concrete work and hole filling that has to be done when conditions are drier , mean that we are unable to keep the west open at night, until this work is done the west will ONLY OPEN daylight hrs

mainly whiting & eels today ,  saw a reasonable plaice posted online(best for a while) told a few mackerel showed up over the tide but no huge numbers

Fri10th oct

east opened about 8.30  west remained closed. Water very coloured & conditions remained lumpy throughout the day making fishing tough going. Catches mostly eels & whiting.

A wall check to be carried out about 8am  to see if we can the the east open on Friday

Thurs  9th oct

Both walls to stay shut today , hoping the weather gods play nicely on Friday & allow us to check the east wall out & possibly get it open  (subject to condition of the wall)

Mon 6th, Tues 7th Wed 8th

on current forecasts walls will be closed , probably thurs 9th as well

Sun 5th Oct

both walls open plenty of mackerel reported, no other info available

sat 4th , check with shop re conditions as some poor weather blowing in & likely to efect both walls

Fri 3rd Oct

another morning with the east wall loaded with mackerel & horse mac 1st light. slowed down mid morning   after the high water . Most on the east saw a return of mackerel from about 1pm onwards . west wall slower but gar & mackerel ticked over throughout the day . bream & red mullet also on the west . other catches on the east included  red mullet , gurnard , plaice gar & lots of pout & small bids down the side of the wall . a few cuttl huntes but no clear news on that front today.

Thurs 2nd Oct

the morning started with a look on a very quiet west wall, eels whiting pollack & pout over night that side , the day there produced some mackerel gar red mullet a gurnard , unsure if those hunting bream that side had any luck.

The east started with  11 on the bend pulling loads of horse mac in the dark followed by some very large mackerel. I had a dabble for the shop for 30 mins & filled a large shopper bag with some   that were over 1lb. Returned  mid morning & things had gone quiet with the early visitors haveing  cleaned up &  headded home. !pm run was quiet & decided on a play with  size 4 gold feathers down the side with tiny tips of mackerel , 1st hit 3 sand smelt , 2nd hit 4 pout  , yes the pout were back in numbers & clouds of  bait running the wall turning the water dark. 3rd cast a bit further & ...... 4 fat mackerel , 30 mins later  the wall filled as the mackerel came out to play, big fish & were still running on the east at 5pm. One I had was near 2lb, strong large healthy fish all round yesterday. Small bass plaice & micro species also recorded on the east today ... was nice to know of a plaice as they have been a bit thin on the ground this summer

Wed 1st Oct


Having spoken to the night man it seems there have been one or two bass coming out   mostly on the west of 3-4lb in size. Whiting numbers are erratic with  loads of pins or nothing at times. The morning horse mac / mackerel run continues with the best on the east wall. Gars still about in numbers & a small  undulate was caught & returned on the east yesterday. Rogue bites down the walls & beaten up baits give me the impression that cuttle fish  are increasing in activity although I have not heard of one landed on either wall as yet.

LATE edit , 2  nice table mullet for Mr Moto  east wall bend during the day




over night info of  2 or 3 bass of about3-4lb high west & lots of whiting. 1st light produced mackerel on the east and an empty west wall. The day was dominated by mackerel followed by lots of small gar & a mass of pout down the sides of both walls

Mon 29th 

know of 5 bass caught over night 3 on west  2 high east , best weighed in close to 4lb. Pouting in numbers today , horse mac then mac 1st light both sides with the east performing best.  Gars & mackerel played top of the tide but in general was slower going.  saw a few bream top of the tide  also

sun 28th sept

almost a case of long lazy days of summer today.

the morning started with codling on both walls in the wee hours of the day ,  a 3 & a 4 on the west about 4am & a  near 2 & a 2+  close to 4am on the east(no pics)horse mac in numbers both walls were followed by mackerel both walls on the low!.  mackerel ticked over most of the day with the east seeing the best of it.  Im convinced the pal;ace pier club are trying to  collect the world population of garfish for the pots !  must have been 200  caught where they were fishing on the east. bream showed on the high on both walls gar both walls in high  amounts.  saw a  golden mullet & a sea trout come out on the east. and  plenty of gurnards with clouds of pout in the water on both walls but no bass logged that i am aware of today

reminder , there are scad being caught & they look like over large herring , they are  a protected species & should be returned

Sat 27th sept

news over night of codling on both walls , best close to 3lb , some more sole & lots of whiting ... early morning  sun up saw mackerel & horse mac... on both walls !

 The mackerel seemed to stay  most of the day although not prolific shoals  plenty were caught. Gar on both & a good number of  Gurnard on the east . Bream re appeared on both walls on the high & some nice bass out today also ... smelt , bull heads , wrasse among other species today

Talk of the day ... an 11lb bass on the groyne in front of the west wall, .... caught on rag worm ! go figure !

Fri 26th

 sole  codling & whiting overnight & into the morning. Light up horse mac & mackerel followed by a day if mini's down the side. smelt, small wrasse, whiting, pout bullheads & intermittent mackerel on varying stages of water that started brown & by high was a deep dark green

Thurs 25 ,

current pattern  seems stuck , morning mackerel evenings now producing bass along with the whiting  & the day throwing out mini species of , bullheads, blennies wrasse & smelt down close to the wall, 4 codling about 2.5lb logged on the east wall

Tues 23,wed 24

aware of morning mackerel & horse mackerel ,pouting over night & some small bass landed  2-4 lb aveage, lacking other news last couple of days

Sun 21 - mon 22

 slow going sunday with  pouting , chan whiting  & small pups reported over night & a mackerel run  1st light & the latter high tide. Plaice begining to show again & some nice bream over the high water. No info for monday as wasnt in the marina

Sat 20th Sept

an almost identical day to friday !

Fri 19th Sept

a quiet start on the west & a few fishing the early morning on the east . Mackerel & horse mac first light as has been the pattern  for the last week or two . It then came to something of a stop as fishing became tough. I guess the adage about easterlies & tough going kicked in. No afternoon info to hand so little else to report.

Thurs 18th Sept

the morning run of mackerel & horse mackerel almost seems like a feature of the  walls at the moment. Tough going once the high started to drop though , spent the day out on a boat so no other daytime wall info

Wed 17th Sept

  pre dawn high tide saw horse mac , whiting & th3 start of the morning mackerel.  once the sun was properly up things slowed somewhat as the tide dropped out.  Heard things were slow going until mid afternoon on the rising tide. Plenty of late afternoon/evening mackerel , bream & plaice to be had , good numbers of garfish , whiting at night on the increase

Tues 16th Sept

over night a 1lb codling on the west but generally lacking info of the night catches. The morning started fairly much the same as the last 2 weeks with  whiting then horse mac followed by early shoals of mackerel on both walls. saw 2 small undulates on the east returned also. No day info to hand as yet.

Mon 15th Sept

still plenty of horse mac & mac 1st light on both walls ,  a few schoolies & plenty of whiting at night. Wrasse  plaice  gurnard, red mullet & bream still to be had & a lot of garfish coming out currently.

Sun 14th Sept

  A familiar  start to the day ,  pre dawn shoals of horse mackerel , followed by mackerel on both walls prior to the low tide when things slowed up somewhat until the afternoon tide that brought the mackerel back. Gar bream wrasse a few pollack amongst other catches

Sat 13th Sept

over night some bass , whiting  & horse mac in numbers. Early morning produces the usual glut of mackerel. Some decent gurnard & red mullet to be had & bream still around also . Garfish reaching decent sizes

Fri 12th Sept

much the same as yesterday , early horse mac & whiting through the night  with shoals of mackerel re emerging in the  morning light

Thurs 11th sept

much the same today , mackerel both walls 1st light fading as the light came up with a return of the shoals over high tide. slower on the bait today but still catches out there to be worked for.

Wed 10th Sept

mackerel still dominating the catches, horse mac & bass picking up over night , not so many sole as yet. Daytimes as said are dominated by  the runs of mackerel. There are still bream to be had, gar,wrasse,mullet,gurnard & some nice red mullet still being caught.

Tues 9th sept

mackerel heavy on the east in particular , some quiet moments but being caught on both walls for much of the day. Gar,  red mullet , some nice bream &  gurnard, early morning saw horse mac & some smooth hound pups & a few small schoolie bass.

Mon 8th Sept

  west wall empty 1st thing , not so on the east with  15 or so pulling horse mackerel out on the bend. As the light came up the shoals of mackerel arrived & were still being caught at 9am , gar bream & pout among other takes during the day.

Sun 7th

mackerel horse mackerel , whiting codling bream & small  smoothhounds  in the night news ,  shoals running both walls this morning. Bright sunshine slowed the mac fest down as   lunchtime crept around. Sightings of a very large barrel jellyfish of the west wall. Bream , plaice,pollack,whiting,blennies,gobys wrasse & small sole among the days catches

Sat 6th Sept

 The morning explosions of mackerel continue, the bulk  this morning on the east , shoals of  horse mackerel innitialy swapping out into  ordinary ones.  mixed sizes from joeys up to 2lb + fish.  Reports of Bass upto 4lb filtering through during the week & a few codling , the best being close to 5lb close in on the west. Bream making a return & the numbers of gar fish on the up

Fri 5th sept

easterlies kicking in & seeming to follow the wives tales of wind east= fishing a beast.

morning ^& evening mackerel in abundance , species counts hard going 

Thurs 4th Sept

again another mackerel/horsemac dawn as shoals hit the marina walls , the change  today was the sunshine.. as things brightened  the numbers of mackerel slowed down until the expected late evening run.... a few plaice & bream had amongst the large amounts of pouting hiding down the side.

Wed 3rd Sept 

news of an over night 6lb bass filtered through during the day from the west wall. Mackerel again the dominant story with  large numbers being caught in the morning. the mayhem slowed somewhat as the sun  came up properly to encourage other catches close to the walls.

Tues 2nd Sept

west wall started with a few horse mac & normal mackerel but mostly pout & whiting. the east on the other hand was another story completely.  On the morning run 7 obvious shoals of mackerel  bopping the wall ! , 3 anglers  & a mental amount of  fish .  seemed to last as the mackerel became the story of the day . Mackerel very close to the wall though hampered the taking other species  & i suspect they  vanised simply to avoid the mayhem of so many mackerel.

Mon 1st Sept

the day started deceptively quiet, that changed mid morning as  rumours of mackerel & a decent looking day filtered through. By 1pm mackerel shoals were running the east wall in particular. While a lot were small (many too small) there was loads that were  very sizeable. Nice to see plenty of under sized fish returned as a few people started to return what  wasnt needed. 7pm I left & the fish were still coming out.  Bream pout & whiting were the other main catches.


 AUGUST 2014


Sun 31st Aug

seems the fish came out to play today starting with sole gurnard & pollack on the east .   Bream , plaice, wrasse, scad & then the mackerel arrived. Both arms seeing good numbers with a load of joeys   amongst them .

Sat 30th Aug

  a windy day with the west closed ,   bits & pieces in the coloured water , no codling today though 5 or 6 had this week & as the water cleared a few mackerel came out to play.

Both walls expected back open tomorrow.

Thurs Fri 28/29th Aug

Both days dominated by the wind  restricting the fishing to the east for the main &  some of that inshore. A few eels sole & mostly whiting with a full close on both walls mid friday afternoon

Wed 27th Aug

 a quick run round empty walls & then a trip out helping on Lady of the Lake . The crew had mackerel bream a small codling & a rocky & somewhat bumpy trip.Returned to port early to hear that there had been  some mackerel mainly on the east & a few bream returning to the walls.

Tues 26th Aug

Both walls to re open after checks this morning , mackerel bream , sole , wrasse & whiting reported , over night into wed the mainstay was again whiting & small smooth hound pups

Mon 25th 

poor weather with the east closed early, plenty of rain to be had & 3 hardy souls gritting it out on the west as i type

Sun 24th aug

 a decent day in the sun with both walls quite busy, mackerel came to play a little though no great shoals. Bream  wrasse pollack among the catches also.

Sat 23rd Aug 

the west started quietly & empty, over on the east  whiting had ticked the night over with a  smattering of sole & eels. As the day progresses  the mackerel showed up on the east with early wrasse pout  & small bream ... on returning to the west .. more mackerel promising a bumper day.  Mid afternoon the weather gods decided to play mean & the west wind  went well over the expected forecast making it non fishable by 5pm & messing up the LISA  match plans for the evening. The match was switched to the east wall as a walk of fish anywhere. The night  turned into a species hunt of one here one there. catches ticked over on  chan whiting and included, sole, pout, 3 bearded rockling, schoolie bass, blennies,a codling eels,small hounds,gurnard,goby & heard of a plaice though didnt see it.

Fri 22nd aug,

wind settled enough to open the west  but wasnt pleasant going on that side. water remained coloured throughout the day as a result. Mainstay on catches being eels gurnard & pout  predominantly on the east. Things settling over night somewhat so looking much bettter for sat/sun

Thurs 21st aug

 the morning started well with  bream & bass on the west , mullet sole  and pouting on the east . as the light came up properly  the east saw horse mackerel & a good  2+ hours of mackerel.... then the wind arrived.! water coloured up & things got harder & harder... west eventually shut mid to late afternoon Making a tough old afternoon /early evening

Wed 20th Aug

a very quiet start on the west & lacking any news this week of the night catches in any depth, there were a few small bass &  the week really has been about coloured water,sole  eels & the re appearance of pouting. The water has cleared enough to have produced some mackerel the last 2 mornings on the east though

Tues 19th Aug ,

water still taking time to clear , pout,sole a few mackerel and eels the order of the day

Mon 18th Aug 

wall check on east to get it open about 9am , a possible check on west also

both walls now back up & running .

Sun 17th Aug WEST WALL CLOSED , east closed 8pm on a day that wash very hard going in the wind & showers. Eels the order of the day

Sat 16th Aug

A good start to the day with lobster pollack bream bass & sole on the east , both walls also saw horse mackerel as the  weeks coloured water cleared. Late afternoon the west wind built .

west now CLOSED

Thur Fri 14/15th Aug

a slow return to normal coloured water with the winds taking time to settle.  Thurs tough going  in the mire with sole  eel & scratching rods coming into play. Fri started with rports of bream & horse mackerel so on the up

Wed 13th Aug East to open by 8am , wall check on west about 10am

Sun 10th & mon 11th Aug walls closed due to poor weather conditions

Tues 12th a wall check on the east about 8.30 am , west will remain closed

Sat 9th Aug

not the greatest of days to go fishing on the walls .  Wind situation pushed most of the west & onto the east . Coloured water meant the return of eels, sole sole & mainly small bits down the side , during the day the east was fairly much a similar story

Thurs/fri 7 & 8th

mackerel & horse mackerel both mornings with the best of it on the east , sole eels & some good bream to be had. still a few dogfish about & a couple of night bass  high ends.

Wed 6th Aug

wind ! more wind & even more & that was without the morning downpours, it didnt let up & in the end the west was closed for a few hours. As to the fishing , other than bits on the scratching rods things were tough going and nothing  of note worth mentioning.

Tues 5th Aug

a mackerel dawn on the east with  shoals running up & down the east wall.  Horse mackerel also with a nice lobster high on the east. on the west a few mackerel plus, bream & sole.

spoken to Colin re the bream, was bay 74 east, not weighed but easily over 2.5lb & ,his words"larger than many he has seen come off the boats & the largest he has so far seen on the wall" 

Mon 4th Aug

with no over night  info It was a quick check around & Off out on a trip aboard lady of the lake. Only wall news I heard was of a large 3lb bream , No idea which wall. On the boat , gurnard large pout some good bream,dogfish mackerel & an edible crab were had.

Sun 3rd Aug

turned out the weekend was one of sun & wind over the high tide again. Didint make for easy fishing especially for those chasing mackerel on the west wall as the water slopped up. Heard there were some nice wrasse to be had over on the east with one of the Palace pier anglers having one over 2lb. red mullet, a few bream , mackerel scattered on the wall & tons of smelt & pout about

Sat 2nd Aug

plenty of mackerel & horse mackerel first thing on the east , said catches soon turned into  just mackerel but on both walls during the morning. By lunch the wind had picked up & started to make conditions tougher & regular catches slowed to much smaller things on th scratching rods.

Fri 1st Aug

this week has thrown a few  curves. A nice mullet   @22 on the east, 2 or 3  smooth hounds over 2 foot, lobsters taking bait and a very good number of bream. Mackerel have began to play on both walls although there are no forming patterns & mackerel catches are somewhat erratic. Yesterday things slowed a bit with a picking up wind on the SWest that made the west wall somewhat unplesant to fish . Mackerel , bream,sole, skinny plaice & wrasse all recorded  with some thornbacks  noted over night.


 JULY 2014



 Keys lost saturday , owner fished east wall bay 27, a reward of £50 has been offered for their return , anyone with info please contact the tacklebox 


Wed 30th July

a quiet start on both walls  with horse mackerel making a return & a rise in the number of plaice. small smooth hounds starting to be noticed this week also with one or 2 coming out on the east wall. loads of  pout down the side, sole  & mackerel numbers on the up on both walls.

Tues 29th 

a fairly busy day on the walls, plenty of bream both sides & similar with mackerel . While no solid shoals the mackies did stick about for most of the day. wrasse pollack pouting,blennies gar & red mullet also to be had.

Mon 28th Jul

the thay started with rumbles at 5am by 6 the light show had started , by 7 the walls were clear as things went mental with a cracking storm sat over the marina.  catches by lunch were mostly mackerel, a few bream , high tide brought in tons of mini pout & blennys ... plus some more mackerel. only a few braving it today

Sun 27th Jul

mackerel over the high & plenty of sole both walls over night. another busy day in the sun, gar, wrasse,plaice,red mullet, gurnard, beam mainly on the west today

Sat 26th jul

a busy start on the west with the east filling quickly also. Mackerel hung about most of the day with most catching some. bream  mostly on the west with sole, plaice & wrasse also reported. a few decent gars to be had.

fri 25th 

sluggish in the heat, mackerel & bream both walls

Thurs 24th Jul

mackerel on both walls ...they were there but had to be worked for at times. good numbers of bream about as well as smaller bits n pieces for the light rods down the sides

Wed 23rd July

the day started with a small flurry of mackerel on the east wall & very few fishing. Had a dabble myself on the west . Plenty of bream & a small shoal of mackerel seemed to hang about most of the morning. Other catches included some small plaice, wrasse, blennys, pout, & red mullet

TUES 22nd Jul

 the morning started with mackerel bubbling on both walls but they diddnt stay long, by 7.30 on an 8,30 high they had moved off. I had a go on the east & had a mackerel bream & wrasse & that was  very much what was being caught , add in red mullet &  gurnard & that was the morning species tally for the east wall.

Mon 21st Jul

 a slow night & quieter start than sunday, west seeing only a few mackerel early with horse mac mixed in . A few bream & a small stary smoothhound. Over on the east sole & red mullet  were had & a smll showing of mackerel on the morning tide. bream ticking over during the day . Did manage to hear from one charter skipper that the bream on Sat were not touchiong  sqiud baits but were hammering mackerel strips ... I wonder if the same may  happen on the walls.

Sun 20th Jul

The day started with a bang, a packed west wall for the high tide,  a reasonable number of mackerel coming out  , but more notable was the bream. In the last 3 days there seems to have been a glut of catches & most bays this morning had at least one fish or more from the float bay right down to bay 6. Anything else unusual ? ... yes ... rd mullet ... though not large a good number have been caught over the last 10 days. Over on the east ... plaice sole bream and again a few mackerel. Word was there were  some mackerel on & off throughout the day ... although not in big numbers

Sat 19th July

 very few left for reliable night info other than being told of  fair numbers of sole caught.  bream & mackerel started the day , no info for  lunch onwards yet

Fri 18th Jul

 bream making themselves seen now on both walls with the best mid wall on the west . A few mackerel both walls with some early shows on the east today. plaice still small , pollack  gobys & bits down the side with sole over night . east showing some nice wrasse low pegs

wed 16th

the day opened with bream on the west, that stayed a nice tick over.  as it turned out both walls saw bream but i guess the story so far is that there seem to be plenty of red mullet about, both walls had some today (best on east)  did mackerel show ? yep in the end on both walls but not many. bass plaice bullheads showed on the west , over on the east as said good numbers of red mullet , gurnard, mackies a few skinny plaice, bullheads  blennies, some good sized wrasse low numbers

mon 14th 

 few reports  other than bream on the increase inspite of coloured water

Sun 13th Jul

early forecasts indicated a wet & windy day, the morning started showery & stong breezes but the days weather got better. V few tried the west so it was a case of see how the east fared. Things were hard in the  morning  but the day finished with  plaice & sole  topping the list with wrasse  eels small bits down the sides & gurnard.  hear that the over night session was tough going also

sat 12th jul

no news from thurs , fri saw a bits & pieces day with plaice wrasse & bream the main stays with a few gar schoolies & a reasonable mullet. Fri night saw a few  bass had up to 5lb  a mini shoal of mackerel showed up at last light & returned  sat day time but proved quite elusive. lobsters again being had on   almost any bait type & sole over night also

Wed  9th Jul

Had a dabble myself today , eels & lobster reported  over night on the west , east this morning on the high produced plaice in reasonable numbers , bream , plenty of wrasse,  blennies , gobys & pollack down the side .  saw a couple of mackerel caught but no sign of any shoals

Tues 8th Jul

not much info coming this way to report on , water has stayed coloured & slowed things up but a few bass , lobsters & sole seem the main stay over the last few days . flatties are out there but  hard to find.

Sun 6th July

not much report wise as lack of info , a few bass & sole numbers on the increase as the w/end progressed , closed much of fri night & sat day time , plaice  eels gurnard & coloured water meant no mackerel

Thurs 3rd July

 A few mackerel about on the east for the early birds , did hear that the rest of the day was a struggle in the sun ,  bits & bobs mainly plaice & bream  the days tallies.

Wed 2nd July

with the east closed for the duration of the day the west opened up with bream plaice mackerel & a small stary smooth hound. . From there it slowed up somewhat  but saw bass bream & plaice . A few mackerel later in the day

Tues 1st July

 Sole over night on both walls with some bass also reported on the east during the night . nothing to report 1st thing this morning

 JUNE 2014


Mon 30th June

The morning run started with no info on the west &  a few bream & mackerel on the east . . which then closed for the day.. news during the day from the west morning was slow but there were a few mackerel to be had.

Sun 29th June

much better reports from the east today with gar pollack & wrasse to floats  mackerel to some degree came out to play , sole & bass over night, bream  plaice & dab mixed in with  smaller stuff like blennies &  rockling to tot up the species counters there were also some nice mullet.

Fri Sat 27-28 June

slow & sluggish at best describes how the marina performed , species count was decent but fish numbers were poor & sat highlight for some was "a mackerel got caught" not a great 2 days

Thurs 26th June

a few mackerel late on reported on the west , bits & bobs to small baits but no great shakes, eels & small plaice reported also.

Wed 25th June

the east night report was promising  with sole plaice bream & smoothounds being reported by those leaving from a quiet wall. East then closed for  concrete work with the west logging an early mackerel on float .... then  the marina seemed to come to a crashing halt.  by mid afternoon those still with the will to fish were staring into the water and wondering why 

Tues 24rd June

a tough old day at the office with fishing not only around the marina tough but seemingly  for most of sussex.

Mon 23nd June

a tough day at the office ,  only a few mackerel this morning & some bream on the west . east was closed until about 6pm with  cementing work ongoing .  east to close again 6am tues , west open as normal

Sun 22st June

High air pressure & NE breezes again took its toll on the quality of the fishing. Plenty of mackerel on both walls first thing  with the best of it this time on the west. Tide came up & over & the fishing fell away. Wrasse  bream small plaice & even a small codling  didn't really liven up a slow slog in the sun.  Late evening heard the mackerel were starting to re emerge.

Sat 21th June

a flying start on both walls with mackerel , the east seeing the better amounts of fish. As the tide went up & over the mackerel slowed to a near halt & a long slow slog set in on the hunt for fish. Bream on the west & a few plaice & bream were the main catches on the east with a mullet or two to  the hunters.. Heard that some mackerel were starting to show late afternoon.

Fri 20th June

Morning mackerel on both walls today with a slow down of amount caught, bait fishing improving as bream & plaice numbers  rise. gar, & pollack + smaller bits & bobs. evening mackerel again.

wed 18th june + thurs/...

high pressure , NNe breezes mixed water colour, ... morning mackerel both walls, many plaice a fair lump of them undersize , some good bream & gar . the mackies dont stay , there is a small window that started 1st light 4 days ago, it on the move & the best of  the mackerel may in the next day or two be in the evening rather than 1st light as conditions change. bream & plaice seem the mainstay with mackerel coming out to play again in the eveing.

Tues 17th June

hard to find over night news but some sole were reported on the east wall. 1st light was producing mackerel on the east with  little  happening on the west . Plaice bream & mackies reported through the day, token gar & a few smaller bits & bobs on the scratch.

Mon 16th June.

The morning started slowly , 2 regulars on the east & no night news. 1st light mackerel were had in small numbers & it turns out that those numbers very slowly increase as the day went on. By early evening I had heard of good numbers of mackerel on the east  with some being caught on the west also. Plenty of mini species showing up now along with reasonable plaice & bream catches. Still getting  pouting, dogfish & small smoothounds , some gar to floats .. things finaly on the up.

Sun 15th June

fathers day & the london to brighton  charity bike run .. what could go wrong ? surprisingly little. The night man reported a few mackerel  last knockings , a lobster, sole , schoolie bass &  fairly good bream, The morning run confirmed this & also saw some  big  harvester mackerel en route.... plaice & bream came out to play early & by 11 am  reports came in of good numbers of mackerel on the east wall. Over all the east fished quite well on a busy sunday .. the west was another matter.  The shop staff spent the day telling visitors "go east" Tip of the day ... take the shop advise , the west  proved to be a tough harsh day  for those unwilling to  listen

Sat 14th June

no night news , the world legged it home during the early morning torrential downpour. word was bream & whiting over night During the day the water got cleaner & a few mackerel were had on both walls with reasonable numbers of small plaice, some bream &  a sluggish species hunt for those using bait.

Fri 13th June

over night  decent amounts of bream , an ok  undulate & some schoolie bass promised much as on arival the water looked cleaner than i had seen it in weeks. Bait fish & the sea bed were visible for the 1st time since  april ! A real shame that promise never really panned out with another slow day in the sun. The mackerel could be counted on one hand & a similar story with gar plaice did play for those targeting them & a few  flounder.Heard a schoolie was caught but too small to measureAdd in wrasse & a bunch of small bits & bobs all to bait.. As i type this (sat am) there is a heavy shower cooling the air but it looks like a slightly cooler day but dry ahead.

Thurs 12th June

The morning started with a report that there had been a couple of decent bass over night & did try to confirm the story .. looks like a 5lb'er from late evening was the culprit. Early plaice on the low promised much especially as the may rot is beginning to lose its hold. It turned into a long slog in the sun with no sign of the elusive mackerel

Wed 11th

A sluggish day ,  no great amount of catches ... water starting to clear & a  handful of mackerel reported late in the day ...

Mon/Tues 9/10th

sluggish going with may bloom holding sway. Still plenty of  decent bass coming out  with 3 over 3lb logged Monday with a coupkle of mackerel on the float bay  late on. Tues produced 4 more decent bass late afternoon for Steve Ripley on sand eels & a good mullet over 4lb 8oz for Roy. The night  produced 2 bass  @ 3lb but general reports of a quiet night.

Sun 8th June

A tough weekends fishing,  water  murky from may bloom & no sign of mackerel. Catches were slow on both walls with tales of missed bass through the night sessions. Daytime was producing lots of species but little in numbers. schoolie bass,whiting,eels,pollack,plaice dogfish,small smooth hounds & baby thornbacks.saw a couple of  gurnards &  quite a few micro species like blenny & bullheads

Fri 6th June

another blustery day in the sun & like yesterday the catch news has been on the very lean side. signs that the may rot is breaking its hold  but coloured water for the last 2 days

Thurs 5th June

west should be back open early this morning 

Wed 4th June

Looking like bass week firmly established with  2 more over night  bass possibly just in double figures , a 4.5lb bass east wall low pegs tuesday on mackerel strips & 40+ mackerel caught also on tues

Tues  3rd june

over night bass , one plastered all over facebook of about 10lb , asked not to mention which of the 2 walls so wont. 2-3 other bass caught in same group ....  seperately 2 other anglers has a 5 & a 6lb bass on the west confirmed by dave grinham

Mon 2nd June

a few mackerel had on the wall this morning , bream schoolies 7 a slow night reported.

1st june Sun

the over night bass went 7.8lb today has been  a bait day. Plaice dabs pollack & bream ,  only a couple of mackerel reported. smooth hound  & dog pups reported in the early hours



MAY 2014



Sat 31st May

a tough old day in the sun after a few over night reports of bass , sole & assorted flatties  


Fri 30th May

a few plaice bass dab& gar over night , this morning seen some plaice & all quiet on the western front

mid day , sole low west & plaice showing on both walls , a few mackerel , & bits & bobs

Thurs 29th May

night fishing seems on the up , a few sole about & the bass now being targeted. Bream showing on both walls as are the gar in cleaner water. Not a massive show from the mackerel but flat fish numbers are again on the increase. A topknot was landed & returned on the west wall   last night for a bit of variety.Pollack & whiting still about as are the numbers of minor scratching  species.

Wed 28th May

not so many on the wall, peeps hiding from the  doom & gloom rain forecasts I guess, bream & plaice ticking over &  small pups showing up with  dogs & staries on the hooks. Garfish about  which usually herald  mackerel which as yet dont want to play in numbers  more than my fingers

Tues 27th May

tough going today with not much caught in water that actually looked decent , yup the fish declined to play. a few bream,plaice pollack supplemented by skinny pollack & no sign by 4pm of mackerel, ho hum , maybe tomorrow

Mon 26th May

 over night news of  bream & some small bass on the west wall was followed with  a handful of morning mackerel bream & a good plaice on the west wall in the morning. Somewhat slower on the east in the morning for those that braved the wall in the rain.

Sun 25th May

Early  schoolie bass low on the west on a very busy day , the east with  not great conditions  produced plaice flounder eels whiting  small bass & pollack

fri/sat 23/24 may

poor conditions slowed the catches, the east took a bit of a bruise for the best part of 2 days but there were pollack, small bass/schoolies, & a return of whiting yesterday while I was there.Looking beter for sunday & a wet monday seems likely

wed/thur21/22 may

not the best of conditions & not the best of catch rats for 2 days . may rot still evident in large patches & slowing the fishing

Tues 20th

not many reports to hand , a few mackerel scattered through the day  & fair numbers on the evening drop tide

Mon 19th

sluggish fishing today . Early mackerel promised much on the low but there was a general fizzle out as may rot took its toll on the water & catch rate

Sun 18th May

early mackerel on the east promised far more than was delivered, the west wall struggled all day with the east getting scatterings of mackerel & a few other species. More a drown a worm day than catch a fish. on a side note , it seems the gar numbers are on the increase so worth investing in a float kit.

Sat 17th May

both walls open daytime ,east 1-61 west  full lower level. Black,rag & crabs in today. Fishing this week mixed after last w/ends blow. with the east  fishing better just after  & quite tough going yesterday. Catches this week include, gar,plaice,dab,sole,mackerel, pollack,wreasse,smooth hound pups & small dogfish a gurnard & a  mini return of  pouting . Yesterday also saw the 1st bream on the east (pic to follow) PICS UP, not a monster days fishing but talk of the "one that got away ( a decent sized mullet) , mackerel on both walls to not millions, a few bream again, plaice dab gar along with the smaller bits & bobs

Fri 16th May

west 1-12 today & back to normal for the w/end, east  open 1-60, both walls still daytime only

Thurs 14th

plaice  starting to be caught again as the water cleaned up, small pollack,dab a few gar & sporadic mackerel . water still taking its time flushing clear as the tide  rises.

Tues 13th May

East to open as usual, west has a few repairs that need sorting  so will stay shut a few days longer

Mon 12th may

8am check on the east wall for damage & fence replacement, assuming all well east should be back open by 8.30, possible a look at the west but with current wind speed forecast  50/50

update; east now open, west to stay closed for a few days while repairs are carried out.


Sat 10th May

 closed all day .... sat & Sun

wed 7th may

both walls will be closed on Thursday

Tues 6th may

West closed early due tonight wind levels and will be closed wed,no catch reports tohand

Mon 5th May ,

sundays macky tally got raised as they  played into the late afternoon early evening, west seeing slower fishing than the east but also starting to see the species count raise with wrasse plaice gar , a few mackerel &  small bits down the side , monday was a slower start with the fishing on a slow pick up from  late lunchtime

Sun 4th May

competition day , 53-61 palace pier club. squid comp from 1pm . general angling access until 1pm, after 1pm anglers will be required to move from bay 1-40 for those competing in squid comp.

round up , 25 squid & 6 cuttle landed for the squid comp, plenty of Pollack started the day on the east high numbers, wrasse & gar also then came to play. By lunch the plaice  obliged for the 1st time in a while in good numbers. for those hunting mackerel,  I saw close to 80 mid wall & towards the bend as the afternoon went on over & 350 raised for the RNLI & this years new squidding champ ... Will Johns with 3 good squid & a total length of 99cm. pics to follow

Sat 3rd May

Further access on the east now available bays 1-53 open Sat/Sun.  Palace pier Sunday private access 53-60.

Squid comp Sunday starts 1pm bays 1-40 will be reserved for this comp 40-53 general angling after 1pm comp only below this point.

Fri 2nd may

gars gurnards & plaice reported, gar & plaice both sides, gurnard pollack & dab showing on the east ... squid for both walls also

 thurs 1st may

squid comp sunday change of times.
Book in from 11.30 am fishing 1pm-6pm 

 APRIL 2014


wed 30th apr

gar & plaice  recorded on the west , some decent squid landed on the east as well as some flatties & pollack , wrasse also starting to show up

Tues 29th Apr

an intermittent 2 days on the wall. dogfish now coming in  increasing numbers  along with squid &  pollack.Rumours of bream catches along the shore starting with a few gars when the water clears. Small  smooth hound pups also mentioned on the wall yesterday.

sun 27th Apr

after yesterdays double close west expected open 1st thing & the east soon after.

round up, a slow one , not many fishing & the bulk of what i saw caught were dogfish in the afternoon

Thurs 24th

A seemingly poor day on the wall,  pollack & squid the main stay of catches  for the east wall

Wed 23rd apr

a sluggish day im hearing , flatties on the east but  sporadic, plaice dab & occasional flounder , squid  on both walls also today

Tues 22nd April

The last 2 days have proven to be tough going, a few mackerel on the wests low morning tide promised more than  bore eventual fruit. Gars were the main stay of sundays wet session on the east for the palace pier  match  with a few flatties &  good sized squid being caught top of the tide on the inshore bay numbers.

From wednesday both walls will remain open until 9pm

Sun 20th April

sat saw a very sluggish day on the marina unless you were looking for squid over the  high water mark. Not so many angler,s  plenty of room yesterday  but a mean day to look for something to take home & cook, gar,plaice & pollack on the east with a few good sized squid on the low west marks

Fri 18th April

 a busy day on both walls  , heard of squid, plaice & mackerel on the east but overall a sluggish day

Thurs 17th April

west lower level open to the tower & upper level access expected to be sorted soon.

East wall is now open to anglers up to  bay 34.  structural work above 34 mean that this area will take a while longer. MSL are working on the upper walk way & we dont as yet have a time scale for this work to be completed.

Catches this week for some reason have been somewhat lean for all, the west saw some mackerel at the weekend but little  has been reported my way since other than a small sea trout yesterday. SQUID has been the mainstay along with cuttlefish on the east with a few flatties amongst the token scratching species of  blennies,rockling,bullheads & small wrasse.

Easter forecast looking decent & both walls expected to get busy with  lunch  to mid afternoon high tides.

Sun 13th April

After hearing from Dave it seems some mackerel were caught on the west wall ,  4 for sure but no details on how. the east again producing  cuttle fish & squid in good sizes. One of the local boats (showboat) also reporting mackerel & herring off shore

Sat 12th Apr

west to open today  fully to the toilet block lower level. east 1-25

7th All England Squid championships, Sunday 4th May 2014.  Sponsored by TronixPro & in aid of the4 RNLI

In the event of poor conditions this event will be cancelled (possibly at short notice)

Fri 11th Apr

squid & cuttle caught on the east wall  today by fishyrob & his group.

Thurs 10th Apr

The west wall will open Saturday 7am.

The full lower level will be open including the float restricted bays.

The extension will take a while longer.

Jet washing starts on the east tomorrow subject to contractor needs.
This will involve a rolling opening on the lower level for anglers as the bays get done.

Getting the walls in order for night fishing will take a while longer but we are working on it.

Msg from dave : expect the mackerel any day. 

Wed 9th Apr

Both walls open this morning  with usual restrictions

Mon 7th Apr

west will stay shut today , check with shop re east wall & conditions.

Yesterday  in spite of the  poor forecast the east wall stayed open . Sometimes even XC weather get it very wrong .

Catches this week have been slower on the mainly easterly winds. Plaice dab & flounder   with whiting still the mainstay as the water retains a yellow tinge

Sun 6thApril

check with shop

Sat 5th Apr

BOTH walls open , east 1-22 & west 1-12

contract work still ongoing so opening times still 7am & closing 7pm

Thurs 3rd April

no catch info but  a small status update.  work on the west going well &  if plans go right , things should  reach a near done state tomorrow at end of play. will confirm tomorrow on a possible opening of the west for the weekend/

Wed 2nd April

 water beginning to clear from a yellow to a green,still a slow clear but getting there. catch report is more for a few days than today.

Plaice  ticking over on the wall & beaches , some good lengths but still a bit on the skinny side. dab,flounder & occasional sole coming out . water temps are producing  occasional schoolie bass & wrasse. add in the ever present whiting and mix with a few bullheads and rockling you get a general feeling that things are on the up as that murky water cleans out..... the down side, crabs are starting to  be noticed & bait rob.

Maintenance status: , the west is nearly there, Dave is looking at getting 1-12 on the west open in a few days...... or sooner. contractor restrictions above 12 for now.

East wall will be the next focus , most likely from next monday(or sooner:P), no guarantee of a rolling opening as the work progresses YET... a few set backs on repairs & unplanned delays have slowed up the hoped for  work completions.



 MARCH 2014



Fri 25th Mar

 was hoping for some good news this week re the west opening but issues have set this back until sorted.

east to remain for now as 1-22 daytime only

Mon 24th Mar

walls were closed sat & I gather no great things happened  catch wise Sunday. Work now on going on the West with a view to getting the lower 1-12 bays open by the weekend.

sat 22nd march

wall check in morning , weather marginal , possible close

Thurs 20th March

walls will be closed all day

east expected to open Friday 7am -7pm

sun 16th March

v busy on a restricted 1-22 bay wall.  Pre mid day some very nice plaice up , add in dab,flounder,a returned schoolie bass, rockling,whiting,bullheads and a blenny made for an eventfull morning

east open 7am -9pm bay 1-22

14th March


East will open Sat 15th at 7am it will close at 9pm the wall is restricted 1-22 only.  Work will start next on the west.  A lot of work to do until both walls are fully functional.

good luck and remember how hard the wardens have worked to get the walls open.


Mrs Frankxxxx

1st fish of the year on the east, posted to the gallery, ( one for Craig) :P


#k latest update sun


9thMarch, the walls both levels are heavy in algae & will take time to sort .
There are 2 posts still to put in out of 8 that were lost (4 wires per post)

The bulk of the wire repairs on the east are now done , west to be sorted this week.

The biggest repair on the east is bay 8 shown in the pic above. Pic with algae is bay 29 (the new repair ) this is not the heaviest in algae but the best resembling a lawn I could find.

Work starts tomorrow de-scaing the algae on the east lower bays.

There are loads of small concrete hole repairs top & lower to sort so be patient , its getting there.

Spoke to Dave re people offering to help & while appreciated the tacklbox liability would not stretch that far.

News though of plaice dab, flounder small bass & saw the commercials landing some mixed sizes of sole this morning.


Sun 9th Mar

reports of plaice starting along the seafront, dab  flounder whiting &  some schoolie bass to be had also




Cuckmere beach clean up

From (facebook)Craig Gosling
Looks like the cuckmere beach clean is going ahead, us anglers with the angling trust, and rspb, would like volunteers to come along and help please, if anyone's free on the 1st of march, even if its for an hour, please message me on here, thanks ,even if you can't spare any time please share , craig 

Thur 20th Feb

Weather  still showing signs of being  A pain & hampering  sorting the walls out , both closed

Thurs 13th Feb

no change of status as yet , Mother nature still at her worst !

Tues 4th Feb

Debris that was  on the bend of the east wall has now washed over, which will help in getting the wall back into shap. Another week of  high southerly winds will stop the contractors doing their job. Result , still no  security fencing  up around their work areas. Until these fences are up the marina is obliged to treat both walls  as such as building sites & public restricted.

  Once these fences are up the tacklebox can work at getting  1st the east & then the west into  some order so they may be fished from.



Brighton latest weather

Tues 28 jan

 While the  walls are closed the shop will have a slightly lessened opening hours
mon - thurs inclusive
7.30am - 1.30pm

7.30 - 6pm

7.30 - 4pm

Weather is  causing  problems for the contractors but some repairs are slowly getting done &  missing wires are being replaced.

While it's not  much in the way of news it is  an update.

Wed 23rd Jan

shop facebook page updated with  image album showing condition of walls 

>>> HERE<<<<

Tues 22nd Jan

An update , dave was on the east wall yesterday for a look about,  bay 63-64 has middle 2 step/terracing gone. opposite end of 63 running into 62-63  is also collapsing & will need removing & dealing with.(similar to 44-46)
Bay 21 through to 24 has also gone now in same manner damaging wires & posts.    algae levels very high almost the entire length of the east wall from bay 12 to 65 in need of treating.

Multiple wires need replacing along with a fair few of the T-Bars that hold the top wires. 2 large pot holes below 22 on the lower level will need attending along with 7-10 on the upper walkway between 1 & 22.

Contract work is on going now the weather is easing back & allowing them onto both walls. They will be putting fencing up where they are working (23-26 currently) on the east.

The west has fared a bit better, heavy algae on the main part of the wall running up to the extension & tower gates. A few wires to tighten & one to replace. A few regular holes have re appeared at the base of 2 sets of steps and behind posts where the wall sections join.
Again contractors will be working on the west which could often restrict what will get opened once it is fixed up. 

Sat 18th Jan

black lug in shop. Wall latest;-  workmen should in the next week get  security fencing in place so that  needed maintenance can be started. Currently though the walls will remain closed to the public.

Tues 14th Jan

shop open as normal , black lug in

Sun 12th Jan

Shop open  7.30 , black lug in.

Anyone that fancies a winter run at cod on tuesday I'm told that Lady of the Lake has spaces.

Fri 10th Jan 

little to report as walls still closed. fresh bait in shop .

An east wall look planned to day to see how much damage there is up there

Tues 7th Jan

walls closed all this week, shop open as normal

Sat 3rd Jan 

2014 Annual Daiwa Brighton Pollack competition dates announced , click the link

Pollack Competition

Thur 2nd Jan

Current weather patterns & level of needed repairs mean both walls will be closed until at least 13th January