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The tackle box Brighton Marina would like to wish everyone a happy new year

Opening hours
New years eve  8am - 12.30
New years day 8am - 12.30
Thurs 2nd Jan  Open 8am 

Mon 30th Dec

Both walls closed , shop open 8am

Sun 29th Dec

shop open 7am , black lug available

Sat 28th Dec 

Both walls to remain shut until at least 2nd January . Shop open 8am

Fri 27th Dec

shop closed all day open sat 7.30

Thurs 26th Dec

Boxing day : shop open 8am - mid day , fresh black in & frozen black also

Wed 25th Dec


Mon 23rd Dec

shop open 8am , and will be open xmas eve...

closed christmas day

open 8am boxing day morning

Both walls currently closed  and will be upto & including boxing day

Sun 22nd Dec

shop open 8am, with current weather pattern we are looking at the possibility of opening the east arm boxing day until 7pm

Sat 21st Dec 

shop open 8am , both walls closed

Fri 20th Dec 

WALL-UPDATE maintenance, forecast and current damage level on both walls means a decision has been taken to close both walls up to and including Boxing Day (Thurs } The shop will be closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day and then open Fri 27th Dec.

 wall inspection planned for 10am, unsure if either will open as yet


Thurs 19th Dec

Both walls to stay closed due to poor conditions.

A look at the EAST planned for 7.30 ish . Shop open 8am , WEST will stay shut

Wed 18th Dec

A double close for the day , shop open 7,30am

Tues 17th Dec 

East wall to open  between 8 & 8.30am , check with shop re west wall


Sun 15th Dec

A double shut down on the walls today , shop open 7.30

Sat 14th Dec

west close  with a possible full shut down as the day progresses. Please check with shop prior to traveling

walls closed over night , some nice dab & decent sized flounders coming up on the east currently. Other than that  today mainly pin whiting & rockling

Fri 13th Dec

West wall closed as the south westerlies push in , a watch on the east after mid day, disruptions expected

Thurs 12th Dec

Both walls with limited opening today, fresh bait in

Wed 11 dec

Both walls open , maintenance restrictions apply

Tues 10th dec 

both walls open with restrictions due to maintenance work

Mon 9th Dec 

east currently open, update status of west due about 9am

muddy water & still a bit of a swell running saw some nice flounder out in front of the  high water , dab & schoolies also but over all sluggish going

Sun 8th Dec

Ragworm & black lug in , shop open as normal, east while workmen not present is open 1-32

Sat 7th Dec

Fresh bait in today ,(black & king) east open 1-21 , west should be open before mid day for the weekend  bays 1-11

still plaice about , throw in dab flounder & whiting , stir a little with rockling & occasional schoolie bass and on clear water  season with a bit of herring . Xmas fish soup !

Fri 6th Dec

East to open this morning

catches this morning include , rockling,whiting, dab, small schoolie bass,flounder & sprats

Thurs 5th Dec


Wed 4th Dec

yesterday proved slower on the fishing front than the previous couple of days. A few herring & sprats on the east, v occasional flatfish also. A decent plaice landed on the west by Colin also.

Today saw a few herring , some sprats & a couple of nice plaice on the east , the west remained empty .....

WEST NOW CLOSED  until Fridays check , East open over night but BOTH WALLS will be closed Thursday

Tues 3rd Dec

yesterday morning again saw herring &  occasional mackerel but not in the numbers of sunday. a few dab & plaice also caught.

Today  fresh rag in & black after  11am

Mon 2nd Dec

Yesterday mornings tide brought in herring on the east wall in very good number, with them also came sprats & occasional mackerel.

Work is ongoing again on both walls with restrictions on both sides

Fresh black lug available

Sun Dec 1st

 Inspite of a restricted area to fish the morning saw schoolie bass, plaice,flounder,sprats & herring come up in the sun yesterday, good news on the black lug front also as a supply has been found for today



Sat 30th Nov

A lack of news on catches other than whiting & a plaice yesterday. King rag in this morning but  although we do have black lug in fresh we are having problems getting a decent supply this weekend with tide & weather conditions ganging up.

Wall restrictions continue as the workmen  motor on through the weekend , west open 1-11 & east 1-21

Fri 29th Nov

workmen reduced  bays on east yesterday to 1-21 with west closed. These changes are fluid & could change from day to day

Thurs 28th Nov

Plenty of whiting out there , a few herring occasional flatties &reports of big squid just offshore

Wed 27th Nov

west wall  open daytime & closed at night , east open 1-37, no catch info available

Tues 26th Nov

both walls will be open although they will be  somewhat restricted by maintenance work

king rag in this morning

signs of anglers last night, seems they didnt want the herring they caught & left them laying on the wall !

Mon 25th Nov

whiting & pollack over night &  seems like there are squid out there

Sun 24th Nov

east open 1-37 west open 1-18 today

round up morning . was slow going, but................... today gets called sea trout sunday ... why... hmmm... ok I saw one on the wall.   went 5lb  and was a very nice catch for this late in the year.... The angler chose to be called Mr namelessplzdont_takeapic so i didnt :) nice fish though nice catch n nice to see

Sat 23rd Nov

hoping to get the west back into use today , east wall open 1-37

FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug

Fri 22nd Nov

A cold dry start, east open 1-22 & west to stay shut today

whiting pollack & a squid caught on the east today

Thurs 21st Nov

East to open @ 7am, wall check on west expected @ 9.30am

whiting in big numbers , a few pout to play with & dab also on the increase

Wed 20th Nov 


Tues 19th Nov

workmen expected on both walls today , restrictions may apply

FRESH RAG  in this morning


Mon 18th Nov   

east open  1-38 , west will open this morning @ 9am.

FRESH BAIT  black lug

Sun 17th Nov

East 1-38, black lug in 7am, west expected to open @9am

round up , unsure re west wall catches , east has seen , dab,plaice,flounder,whiting,codling,schoolie bass & mackerel... last night saw ... whiting , sole, plaice, dogfish & flounder

Sat 16th Nov

East open 1-30, work progressing on west & closed

FRESH BAIT king rag in 7am , black lug expected @ 11am

catches on the east include  plaice,flounder loads of whiting, schoolie bass & even a few mackerel in the sun.

east now open 1-38 , west open daytime to bay 18 & closed at night

fri 15th Nov

A cold start as the north wind takes hold. East wall 1-30 , west closed

Thurs 14th Nov 

East open 1-30 west staying closed

Wed 13th Nov

 Rag & black in the shop , no catch news available , east open 1-30 west closed

plenty of whiting about some of which are good sized, schoolie bass still lurking also

Tues 12th Nov 

east wall check 8am prior to opening , west to remain closed

Mon 11th Nov

both walls closed

Sun 10th Nov

 no catch info for Sat, east  still 1-22 with west shut

plaice dab & whiting all caught today

Sat 9th Nov

east (1-22)open this morning with the west closed

Black lug & king rag in 1st thing

Friday 8th Nov

east open with a probable close tonight on current expected forecast

Thurs 7th Nov

East arm to open after checks @ 7am  1-22. West will remain closed

round up .. whiting the dominant catch of the day...  smooth hound pups & dogfish still about. dab & some sizeable flounder also about. Chuck in some eels &  a few of the unmentionable Ro***ing sums up a days fishing in muddy water . The weed seems to be fading off quickly.

Walls to close 5pm Both WALLS CLOSED WEDNESDAY

Tues 5th Nov 

west to stay closed , no catch news to hand , check with shop re fresh bait

Mon 4th Nov

wall check on east 7am , west will stay shut

Sun 3rd Nov

East open 7am & will close late afternoon weather allowing, west closed 

SUNDAY update 7am water slamming over east and for now both walls shut, will review east after 9am . choppy out there guys :)

Sat 2nd Nov

east has been open over night but expected to close sometime saturday. (west closed) At time of this post forcast indicating a close by mid-day

.. bass & decent flounder from the west approach(wall closed) eels  schoolies dab & whiting on the east

check with shop re bait situation

Fri Nov 1st

west to stay shut , check with shop after 9am regarding east wall



Thurs 31st ,oct

both walls were closed over night , a review on east expected @ 10am

Wed 30th Oct

East wall open , West to remain closed, check with shop re fresh bait

Tues 29th oct


west will remain closed today


BOTH WALLS CLOSED FRI/SAT/SUN/MON on current forecasts

Sat 26th Oct

Both walls closed , King rag & black lug available

Fri 25th oct

Both walls shut 

Black lug in

Thurs 24th Oct

East inspection  today 6-30/7am if all is well east will open for 7am . West check  @ 9.30am

Wed 23rd Oct


East wall inspection tomorrow at 7am, if all is well the wall will open daytime & close about 8pm

TUES 22ND oct


Mon 21st oct 


Sun 20th oct

A double close down that looks like it will hold until thursday


East wall now open subject to weather conditions.


Fri 18th oct

Both walls open this morning. weather over the next 24 hrs looking like its closing in hard.. No info on catches available,.

Thurs 17th Oct 

Both walls initially closed with a check on the east about 9am , west will remain shut

Wed 16th oct

weather looking iffy for the next 2 days with probable close downs as strong winds push through  with a definate shut down over night tonight. Top 3 gates east to be shut this morning , 1-24 open

still awaiting  wrasse pic in the meantime I have uploaded to the gallery a cod caught last night on the east wall by Tim Ling , it went 15lb

Tues 15th Oct

Dry & overcast , Light WNW breezes expected.

FRESH BAIT , king rag

reports in of a 4lb wrasse caught on the west  @ 5pm live prawn , weighed & returned, told there is a pic to come. sole & brill also reported.

Mon 14th oct

both walls open today , workmen expected on east wall again though

... good numbers of mackerel in the morning on the east as the tide dropped. Early evening on west produced some schoolie bass that were  reported also

Sun 13th Oct

weather closing in with a west closedown on the cards early today

Sat 12th Oct

Both walls open, a very wet start to the day

Bait in today : king rag & black lug


mackerel both walls & some gar , hard going  b4 mid afternoon

Fri 11th oct

not much news to hand other than a couple of decent squid caught low on the east wall

west will remain shut today & hoping to have it open tonight for the weekend

Thur 10th oct

Strong northerlies today with a temp drop.East open as normal with the west closed

FRESH BAIT  king rag & black lug

Wed 9th  oct

west still closed , east business as usual

heard there were good numbers of mackerel today but  no info of other catches

Tues 8th Oct

Fresh bait in today, rag & black.Today looking like the last of the warm decent ones for a week or so

,,,,, a bit of a pick up  over yesterday. Mackerel plaice gar mullet  & gurnard all caught

Mon 7th Oct

WEST WALL CLOSED east open as normal. West expected to be closed until thurs pm

overnight not a great one, a few schoolie bass & whiting the mainstay.  Early morning produced a lot of horse mackerel befor the light came up. Daytime was scratchy.  Mackerel & gar ticked over & the plaice were tin on the ground 

Sun 6th Oct

both walls open, light breezes 7 sunshine expected

round up... very much a tale of 2 walls. East fished quite well. Mackerel early on & caught steady all day add in fair numbers of gar plaice wrasse & flounder then mix it up with schoolie bass mullet blennies and gurnard you get an idea of the east in the sunshine. Over on the west things were slower by a long way ... the exception were the  gar . Unusually high numbers caught in that it was very noticable.


Both walls now back open

bait in morning ... king & black after 11am

round up , a tale of 2 walls. east after yesterdays blow flushed clean(ish) quickly & brought mackerel early . Soon followed by plaice & flounder. Top east saw a seagull rescue bass & mullet. re the gull, careless loss of tackle to blame & often the cause of problems to other animal life. The mackerel remained for the bulk of the day & some nice  wrasse came up mid wall. Over on the west ..... a bad day , saw a decent flounder but that was effectively it on  poor water quality. Tomorrow with the big tides promises much better

Fri 4th oct

A double close down today . Both walls scheduled to re open Saturday for weekend fishing

Thurs 3rd Oct

Looking like a wet one ahead with SE breezes

Wed 2nd oct

east was closed over night due to poor weather conditions , Mackerel showed up for a few hours this morning until a patch of dirty water pushed through close to the high. Workmen currently  blasting  with high pressure jets on the east so its restricted while they work  1-21. Night fishing & early evening unaffected.


Tues 1st Oct

East wall open only

plenty of 1st light mackies & horse mackies

king rag in this morning




Mon 30th Sept

west wall shut all week

east open as normal

mackerel.................. not much else to say ., both tides , & v early morning, loads of them

Sun 29th sept

allegedly "showers & sunshine"  to start the day so i guess expect anything

3 words sum up today mackerel , mackerel  mackerel .    6am trough this morning both walls had very good numbers of mackerel .... low tide things died until later this afternoon ... and ..... yup the mackerel returned in big numbers ... the irony was ... only 6 or 7 people on the west to see it.

Sat 28th Sept

Both walls open for the weekend. Easterly winds look to dominate today.

overnight news of bass, small thornbacks & smoothound pups. Sole still about also

FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug

a mackerel morning for both arms with only a few people out there "fishing" low tide produced nextr to nothing & early afternoon quiet

Fri  27th sept

west expected to reopen this evening,easterly breezes with early cloud/showers. Looking like a wet w/end ahead

mackerel city this morning on the east with a big shoal hanging around waiting to be had. Plaice & dab also . Gurnards still about , some nice gar today & plenty of mackerel through the day.

Thurs 26th sept

west to remain shut until at least Fri evening , mainly easterlies & a fair bit of cloud cover , possible showers & feeling cooler.

horse mac a pleanty over night with mackies in the morning . sole & plaice also there

FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug

Wed 25th sept

 survey boat again working on east with a diver & concrete work ongoing  , east will remain open but anglers asked to hive way to divers. West wall closed daytime hours of 7am -6pm

diver now finished survey , early morning  horsemac on both walls .. some nice numbers of mackerel out b4 mid-day & plaice r starting to take baits .....

Tues 24th sept

light SE breeze expected with decent temps

FRESH BAIT  black lug & king rag

Morning mackerel gar & horsemackerel on both walls with a steady ticlk of plaice & assorted flatties on the east

Mon 23rd sept

both walls open as normal , light ESE breezes & dry

mackerel plaice dab & gurnards reported on the east

Sun 22nd sept

no wall news today , taking son out fishing for his birthday

FRESH BAIT IN  king rag & black lug

sat 21st sept 

weather looking good with light breezes

FRESH BAIT  king rag & black lug

round up

the east arm today over performed. for a few weeks its been slow to say the least ... today ended up a red letter day.  plaice & mackerel started ariving about 8am & still coming out after 5pm. add to this fair numbers of gar & you could say all were happy .... it didnt end there ,  mullet bream pollack & schoolie bass top end of the east ,  bream wrasse & mackies mid wall , the bend produced a few decent gurnards amongst the  plaice & dab  and close in the fun continued on lower bays .... yup it fished its tits off & that wasnt counting the pout, whiting & bullheads. 

The west was slower but  high tide  produced fair numbers of mackerel , some plaice bream * a big scad also for that side  kept many happy.

Fri 20th Sept

Both walls to re open this morning after checks. Light NW breezes & dry expected today

Thurs 19th sept

struggling to get catch reports this week. Part due to wall closures part due to not seeing anyone

weather looking a bit dicey this afternoon with possible close down mid afternoon if things go as forecast


Wed 18th sept

both walls up & running normally

Tues 17th sept

west wall to remain shut, east open although the weather is showing a SW blip at lunchtime that may effect both walls , fresh rag in this morning

Mon 16th  Sept

west to remain shut & east should be open by 8am

no idea of catches, west will remain shut Tuesday & a high chance of a part close on the east mid afternoon 

Sun 15th Sept

not looking great after mid morning as another south west blow comes in. west expected to be closed this afternoon & a close watch will be on the east. both walls expected shut sun/mon night

bits & bobs over night & wasnt expecting much this morning on the back of a forecast that would deteriorate fast  . On the west though a strap conger & a bucket of mackerel with the east doing better . Mackerel some very nice plaice , dab & flounder also reported before the wind hit. west closed just after 10am & the east just about made it to lunchtime


Both walls closed check on the east in the morning



Sat 14th Sept

mainly northerlies today after last nights blow. Both walls to re open this morning

FRESH BAIT ,  king rag & black lug

sole plaice & eels on the east in dirty water. did clean up some on the east after the low tide.

Fri 13th Sept

NW- westerly breezes & showers expected, check with shop re bait

Thurs 12th sept

, light breezes mainly from the south expected. Temps about  18c

plaice & bream on the return & plenty of mackerel over the afternoons high tide

Wed 11th sept

looking blowy from the north with a fair bit of cloud cover

FRESH BAIT  king rag & black lug

night news was a mixed bag , bream noted  on the west & plaice sole  pout thornies all caught on the east, currently not getting much daytime feedback so reports are thin on ground

mackerel on both walls , best of them over on the east

Tues 10th Sept

Not had any catch report for Mon as never saw anyone & no feed back as yet. Cooler today as things turn from the NW

news in that yesterday evening started producing some bass mid high on the west , a 2a 3 & 4lb'er all recorded on mackerel before the light went

FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug

Mon 9th sept

light southerlies expected with a few showers likely

check with shop re bait

Sun 8th Sept

light SWesterlies expected and mainly dry

FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug

over night news .. bass on the return , last night a 6 & 4lb & some decent ones the night before also i am informed from the night  warden. bream also last night.

the day  turned into another tough slog as conditions were not what hasd been expected with the wind refusing to die away & ended up hard on the west  making the west near un fishable. the east saw a steady tick over of plaice & a few gurnard  with a few mackerel eventaully showing up mid afternoon

sat 7th Aug 

looking a bit blowy on the south west & reasonable temps through the day


round up :,,, a tough old day on the walls in the wind. the east closed for a couple of hours in the morning as the wind sat south east ... all was well until it swung  properly onto the south west ! for a while it looked like people would have to be cleared & both shut, ...

 the3 west survived although it was unpleasant for most of the day 

east opened & wasnt nice for 2-3 hrs but was  open! .... catches  hard & mainly eels & some schoolies seen. was fairly safe to say ... just about everyone on the walls today got wet at some stage ..... poor fishing  , weirdly enjoyable wave dodging !

Fri 6th sept 

lacking much news & info for the last few days , sometimes you get feedback others you dont. Weather looking like it  bottoms out this weekend a bit with rain &  medium SWests expected today.

Check with shop re bait as has been busy 

Thurs 5th Sept

looking like a hot dry day  , possibly the last before the weather  starts to hit from the SWest

FRESH BAIT  , king rag already in , black lug expected @ 11am

Wed 4th Sept

easterlies going south with light breezes & plenty of sunshine expected , check with shop re bait

over night  a few plaice , eels , schoolies & a hand full of sole .. reasonable numbers of  horse mackerel caught on the west

 A slow going morning , not sure why so slow unless it has something to do with all the jelly fish around the marina ..... somewhat of a slog for all

Tues 3rd Sept

weather looking good for the day   king rag in & frozen black . ring after 12  regarding fresh black

round up; indications of slow going throughout .

Mon 2nd Sept

westerly breezes & reasonable temps expected

FRESH BAIT  king rag

Sun 1st Sept

A cooler start with wind direction from the NW. Looking over cast with possible showers.

FRESH BAIT  king rag

best of the morning was early  mackerel at 1st light & over the high. pollack low on the east a scattering of bream & plaice made for a slow morning

 AUGUST 2013


Sat 31st Aug

reports for last few days been light as not been around the marina much .. normal service to resume

king rag in today a-plenty. black lug hard to get with tide state

morning round up , 1st light a few mackerel on both walls & some also over the 8am high tide , bream also on both walls the best of them on the west wall. No huge shoals.

Fri 30th Aug

black lug in short supply all weekend as the tides shorten

bream plaice , mackerel & horse mackerel  reported

Thurs 29th Aug

weather looking decent , off fishing 

Feedback indicates a decent days fishing on the east .. no news from the west with bream plaice and mackerel  had on the east


Wed 28th aug

escaped for some time off , out fishing tomorrow on lady of the lake

Tues 27th Aug 

looking dry & sunny


hardly a soul to be seen this morning so no news

Mon 26th Aug

looking good , temps decent & for a change a dry day 


round up ... tough going in the sun, over night reports were patchy at best but heard  horse mackerel  sole  & a decent mullet on the west. daytime promised more than it delivered with a few mackerel had on both walls 1st light. sadly that seemed it as the tide dropped to the low.. Best of the catches on the west were a few bream mid wall &  on the end of the west 3 guys had a good haul of bream. A few wrasse & a handfull of mackerel was it upto 6pm. The east fared little better with the best of it being a good number of plaice & a dozen or two mackerel

Sun 25th Aug

 showers this morning drying out  mid morning

FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug

took a  while for things to get going but when it did .. the east out fished the west again. little on the dropping tide  & then on the turn plaice were the first to show. By mid tide good numbers of plaice bream gar & pollack came out followed by mackerel, sole and gurnards. west was somewhat slow.

Sat 24th Aug

a wet start & looking wet for the best part of the day

FRESH BAIT  king rag & black lug

roundup,... a decent start to the day in spite of the rain with mackerel in small shoals  bopping up & down the east wall  on the low tide. reports over night of sole plaice bream and mackerel added to the start.  The rain rarely gave up with some of it really heavy. for those that stuck it out on the east there was plaice bream mullet  gar & plenty of mackerel . The west saw similar but not the  same sort of amounts

Fri 23rd Aug

light south east breezes & looking overcast. No catch report to hand yet

FRESH BAIT, King rag & black lug

Thurs 22nd Aug

a showery start expected & mainly easterly breezes today

FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug

overninght , sole & bream on the east & good numbers of bass on the west also recorded . little happening in the morning rain though

Wed 21st Aug

looks like the site glitched updating itself (server end ) & removed tues/ wed typing.

Over night  good numbers of sole schoolie bass  bream smooth hound pups &  baby thornbacks reported .

This morning good numbers of plaice out even on the low tide  east wall also saw  a skinny gar & some mackerel on the bottom of the tide.  befor 10am have seem more mackerel , schoolies, plaice flounder gar gurnard and a scattering of mackerel ..... looking good

Tues 20th aug

a tough day reported monday all around including on the boat comp. Catches on the wall quite lean also

Mon 19th Aug

WSF boat plaice comp goes ahead today & still places for this. Call into shop  between 7 & 8,15 & we will sort you onto a boat.

forecast expected  light WSW going westerly later & looking good


Sun 18th Aug

east to open about 7am , check on the west planned 10am weather permitting

Both walls open, don't forget your kite :) xx

poor conditions this morning saw the east open ealy & the west not until 11am. saw schoolie bass plaice sole & a few mackerel befor lunch but  was hard going. 

A reminder for tomorrow 

plaice comp still has places on a few of the boats so if you have a spur of the moment  decision to join ... turn up at tacklebox about 7.30 & ask them to sort you onto a charter boat

Sat 17th Aug

west wall now shut, east expected to close by 6pm.

looking like a day of 2 halves, this morning light breezes & then a rising wind & rain expected this afternoon with an expected full close over night

FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug

Fri 16th Aug

Consistent on the SWest today with showers expected

morning mackerel & horse mack on both walls although numbers this morning were lower

FRESH BAIT  king & black

Thurs 15th Aug

looking like a pick up on SW breezes today that may make the west wall very lumpy if the forecast is accurate

morning mackerel again the main feature with bream plaice & horsemackerel over night also

during the day , more mackerel afternoon tide plus bream & plaice on the east

Wed 14th Aug

SW breezes  mainly forecast with decent temps expected

FRESH BAIT  king rag & black lug

mackerel, horse mackerel all present on the early tides with again plenty of mackerel late afternoon. Thornbacks, pout,gar,sole & mullet also reported caught

Tues 13th Aug

no news to hand , looking dry & breezy 

fresh bait , king rag & black lug

first light good numbers of mackerel & horsemackerel , told bream plaice  schoolie bass & mackerel were also caught  yesterday

Mon 12th  Aug 

no catch news to hand & a reminder that there are still places available for the  WSF  & Brighton marina plaice competition next monday




Aqua Vittesse  noel west 07766 661066

Defiance Paul Jackman  07810454457

Morning Breeze Les Meredith  07770 683482

                              Channel Diver 8 spaces, Steve Johnson 07970674799 

heard there was a nice tick over of species on the east including ,bream, plaice,flounder,mackerel, mullet anddab


sun 11th aug

SW SSW winds that may cause a problem on the west , east open as usual

sat 10th Aug

mainly NW breezes today & light . No catch info to hand

roundup small shoals of mackerel running the wall on low tide seemed to fade out & in many ways  not live up to the promise they sort of made early on/ a tough afternoon reported !

FRESH BAIT  king rag & black lug

Fri 9th Aug

some south westerly gusts today that may cause an issue for a while on the west wall but should settle out later.

FRESH BAIT  black lug & king rag

Thurs 8th Aug

no news on catches to hand , weather looking decent

round up , over night & last knocks  wed plenty of late mackerel & horse mackerel, a lobster of 5+ lb with sole again a mainstay. This morning 1st light dab & flounder followed on the east this morning by bream plaice & mackerel. West produced mackerel but not the numbers expected . The up saw plenty of schoolie bass (pre 11am) to live praw. bream,red mullet & blennies made up the bulk of catches on the west

Wed 7th Aug

looking like showers & light north easterlies today

FRESH BAIT  peelers, king rag & black lug

early run quiet with loads of mackerel & horse mackerel reported through the night

Tues 6th Aug

both walls to re open this morning after checks, rag in 7am ring shop re black lug

morning round up

mackerel on the west as the tide cleaned up , over on the east small thornbacks, smoothound pups, plaice , sole mullet  pouting & a 4lb+ mullet

last light plenty of mackerel reported

Mon 5th Aug

, Building southerlies peak mid afternoon & may become an issue on the walls for a while.

round up , the expected blow was late , a small mackerel shoal ran the west this morning with sole & eels caught over night

BOTH walls now shut as the SW blow pushes through for a re open in morning

Sun 4th Aug

Both walls back open , light SWest breezes expected

FRESH BAIT   king rag , possible black lug also

round up, a tough old morning that started off with poor water conditions . They cleaned up somewhat towards the high tide producing some mackerel on both walls & a few plaice & wrasse on the east . For a while things looked as if it would take of but instead tapered of to a mini species day.

Sat 3rd Aug

west wall closed & looking likely to stay that way until late evening

FRESH BAIT  king rag & black lug

sole & eels the main stay this morning . Poor conditions , very choppy with wierdly 3 mackerel coming out in water that looked like mud

Fri 2nd Aug

No news to hand , fresh bait expected in today

Mackerel this morning  with a couple of small shoals running up & down the west wall


Thurs 1st Aug

south - south east breezes forecast with decent temps expected . No news of catches to hand

Evening reports of very large mackerel shoals

 JULY 2013


Wed 31st Jul

East should reopen @ 7am after a full check west likely to remain shut today

Both walls open, have fun out there :) Mrs F

Tues 30th Jul


Mon 29th Jul

strong S West winds forecast advisable to check with shop on state of walls or via twitter feed  currently the east wall is open , west looks like being shut all day.

BOTH WALLS TO CLOSE OVER NIGHT east check in morning @ 7am west to stay shut

sun 28th jul

West wall open 9am, good luck guys Mrs F x

looking windy on the south west for the bulk of the day

FRESH BAIT  king rag and black lug

west was shut  over night & will look at it this morning

round up , sole wrasee & eels the main stay on the east . early mackerel petered out quickly . Late afternoon saw a day of scratching catches with a few mackerel.

Sat 27th Jul

news that the WSF plaice comp planned on the 5th aug has been moved to the back up date of  mon 19th aug .

Easterlies & showers expected most of the day on the usual forecast sites.

FRESH BAIT  king rag & black lug

Fri 26th Jul

light breezes today  & looking at the forcast they come from all directions. Mixed cloud cover  & warm.

 mackerel bream & plaice out to play this afternoon .

Thur 25th Jul 

again a poor morning , bream & sole rported over night & 1st light saw bream & a few plaice .. plenty of bait fish to be seen in the water so expected things to improve as the day went on ... if it did I  will find out

FRESH BAIT  king rag & black lug

Wed 24th Jul

lacking news for yesterday other than a quiet morning. Breezes from the S/West so hoping that will now encourage the mackerel inshore.

FRESH BAIT , Black lug & king rag

sluggish to say the least this morning. no early morning catches & poor over night .  occasional plaice & bream the mainstays other than pout & sm,elt

Tues 23rd Jul

south westerly system starting to kick in bringing rain .. some  storm warnings also

check with shop re bait

Mon 22nd jul

light easterlies with good temps expected.

FRESH BAIT , king rag & peelers , black lug @ mid day

not a lot to shout about this morning . Bream the mainstay over night . Schoolie bass taken again on lures early morning on the west with a few bream & pollack also  noted. A very sluggish morning running up to the tide.

Sun 21st Jul 

light easterlies today , temps looking good.


round up , morning saw bass on lures on the west |& early mackerel on the east. the east mackies ticked over  for a few hours into lunch time. other catches included bream & plaice though no great numbers prior to mid day. .Me ... took jnr out for a late afternoon on LADY OF THE LAKE

a nice end of day trip with bream plaice & mackerel.  

Sat 20th Jul

no idea of yesterdays catches, today looking warm & breezy with a wind from the NNE,

FRESH BAIT king rag & peelers


Bit of a tough day all round , black lug hard to get & only orders covered for the weekend. Fish wise the walls proved mean , west..bream gar & bass showed up but not in numbers.

on the east little better from what i saw with place low to mid wall & up the top , some schoolie bass,pout,pollack& plaice but again no great numbers. The mackerel decided to stay hidden.

Fri 19th Jul

no news available ,  Fairly strong NE wind today will dominate in the sun

Thur 18th jul

light NE breeze with good temps.

FRESH BAIT  king rag 

Wed 17th Jul

cloudy start like yesterday though will brighten up quickly with high temps

not much to say overnight. bream & sole with a few horse mackerel . this morning a similar story early. Sporadic mackerel on both walls with some  plaice low on the west. !st light was slow running up to mid morning

FRESH BAIT , king rag \& peelers

Tues 16th Jul

no catch info available to me ,looking overcast & warm today. Black lug this week is going to be in short supply as conditions & short tides kick in

FRESH BAIT king rag peelers & black lug

Mon 15th Jul

Light NE breeze, looking a warm muggy day

Sun 14th Jun

 A light SWest breeze & high temps expected. On paper promises much .


no roundup as had day off & went fishing

Sat 13th Jul

Wind dropping to nothing & looking like high temps , suncream & fluids order of the day.

FRESH BAIT  . King rag to start &  initial orders on black covered . Black & peelers available from mid-day

From reports things seem to have started well . Early mackerel & bream on both walls as the tide dropped to a 0am low.  on the up similar report of catches on both walls running up to midday . Maybe the brightness tied to very clear water &  the days heat or just  "one of those days" but  looks like the catches suddenly dried up mid tide  & most people strugled  through the bulk of the afternoon. no news of early evening,

Fri 12th July

walls open as normal , light breezes and plenty of sun expected

... morning reports were good with mackerel and bream being caught on both walls with flatfish on the east .  as the sun broke mid day & the tide hit the top things seem to have slowed down with people struggling on the drop away tide . no lat afternoon info.

Thurs 11th Jul

those NE winds again , today though a touch cooler, all baits in stock

catch report C/O john

Message: = Hi I fished bay 14 until 2hours after high tide when I ran out of bait, caught 5bream 2 about 3 hours before high and 2keepers about an hour to hour and a half after the high, all on black lug lost on as it was coming over the wall too, others bays 12-17 had 1s and 2s of bream, all had a decent amount of mackerel I had 20 but put small ones back, I also had two plaice one keeper a hour to hour and half after high again on black lug had very few bites on rag. A good day ended up giving half the mackerel to some old ladies walking back John


looks like fun was had on the west today

Wed 10th Jul

no wall info available , weather looking very much a case of as you were , NE breezes & hot


Feedback today indicates fun if you walked a wall species hunting... but ...overall hard going ..... West saw bream mackerel and a plaice....east also slow but species included ,gurnard,dab,plaice,pollack,bream,n wrasse...

yes there were mackerel on both walls . Numbers were something to forget , today's round u in one word ..... Disturbing,,

,,......went fishing .. In the sun ..... Tough going .. Mid tide n over +2hrs ... Total 2 late save bream returned

Tues 9th Jul

conditions looking almost a mirror of yesterday

Mon 8th Jul

looking like the day will be quite breezy & dominated by a NE - NNE wind. bright sunny & hot expected.

FRESH BAIT  , king rag , black lug & peelers

Mackerel arived this morning on both walls  with some decent bream also on the west ... over night it seems the west had a couple of decent smooth hounds one estimated at @ 7lb bream & sole also taken

sun 7th Jul

Another hot day expected with light breezes. Shop struggling for any fresh bait having been so busy over the last 2 days & with short tides worm diggers are very limited on time that can get on the beaches to dig.

East wall round up .. A sluggish day . Best of the plaice top end in numbers . Bream wrasse low 15 bays. Mackies limited most on the bend,Minor catches included pout eels small thornies .. Hard going in the heat . News for west patchy other than mackerel & bream

Sat 6th Jul

Black lug supplies short today &  not expecting any more until sunday. weather looking excelent  dry & hot

FRESH BAIT  king rag (lug pre orders only) & fresh peelers

 a funny old day with the best of it this morning on the rising tide ,  unsure of catches on east but the west saw decent bream high end , plaice ,. sole dogfish & mackerel. 3-4 schoolies that were small & saw a decent bass caught & then lost on the float bay to live prawn

Fri 5th Jul

weather looking good winds seem tom have finaly dropped away ... all looking up

FRESH BAIT king rag

a bits n bobs day catch wise with a few mackies showing over the morning tide & a "decent bass" messed up with a lost rod over the wall early hours !... bream to both walls & sole & thornbacks in the dirty water . dab & ells also but no great numbers while i was there .

BLACK lug ... hard to get shop is now begging for it & will be only orders for sat ... damn hard to get .................. ya been warned

Thurs 4th Jul

both walls open  & looking like a good day , no news of catches to hand

Wed 3rd Jul

Both walls were closed over night, east should be opened this morning , unsure yet about west

FRESH BAIT  king rag & black lug ... peelers available

Tues 2nd July

SW SSW wind building today & looking likely to become an issue mid-late afternoon with a likely close down over night

 the morning produced mackerel on both walls though not in huge numbers , breeam to both sides & sole,plaice dabs showing on the east

Mon 1st July

 Both walls open & a light westerly expected

... The morning started slowly  angler wise but early fish were there to be had. Overnight  sole becoming a common feature of the last 2 weeks with schoolie bass also regular takes.  First light sole on the east & mackerel on both walls  for breakfast you could say. Bream, thornbacks, dab,eels smoothound pups and plaice all caught  before  mid morning.

 JUNE 2013


Sun 30th june

looking like a breezy day with  what looks like a bit of a lump up set for the high tide which could make things uncomfy for a few here mid afternoon

well the day panned out fairly much as expected. The night report repeated this weeks story of good amounts of sole on the east arm with smaller bits like  smooth hound & dogfish pups, thornbacks & a few eels. The day tide proved to be a harsh task master with some early mackerel on a dropping tide on the east & a smattering of plaice ..... then the sea fog came & blanketed the marina for the day. Conditions with that slowly  got worse as the wind then arrived from the west.  The fish vanished as the water lumped up with the west almost unfishable & the front end of the east unpleasant. Seems sole ended up the mainstay of the daytime tide & even the schoolie bass chose not to play in what looked ideal conditions for them

FRESH BAIT  king rag & black lug

Sat 29th June

Looking like a breezy day with decent temps

FRESH BAIT  king rag & black lug

over night some decent bass with a couple  going over 7lb sole & plenty of small thornbacks , smooth hound pups & a v v small tope.

round up .... an odd day to say the least. There were fish .. but not loads. The west started the day with decent schoolie bass & sole first light  & mackerel on both walls. As the tide dropped so did the catch rate right down to the bottom of the tide.

Low up was slow going although the best of it was on the east with plaice , gurnard & occasional mackerel .& mullet..the west stayed a bit grubby in colour & seemed to chuck out  small thornbacks & eels untill near mid to high when the mackerel showed up although the numbers wern't great.

Fri 28th june

Light northerlies expected this morning but building later in the day, probably southwest over night . news of a few bass during the night on the east with one going 8.11lb

Thurs 27th June

No news on hand for yesterday , today expected to be warm with cloud cover later in the day . Light northerlies for the most.

FRESH BAIT  king rag & black lug

plaice bream wrasse & mackies on the west  during the day , , plaice sole & mackies eary daytime on the east

Wed 26th June

Should be a warm day with a bit of mixed cloud cover , light westerly breeze

FRESH BAIT  king rag & black lug mid morning

Tues 25th June

no news to hand for yesterday. Looking good for today though with good temps & light breeze forecast 

FRESH BAIT  king rag , black lug & peelers

late news ,  a 2.5lb bass over night on the west , a few mackies caught  & confirmed yesterday & saw an early one on the low west today ... over on the east some early  plaice

roundup , schoolies on the east along with some reasonable plaice ,. water still gloopy & a dozen or 2 mackies reported ...... late news of a good bass on the east  pic on site & was estimated at 13lb

Mon 24th June

Both walls to re open this morning . East about 6am west will be checked & open about 8am

FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug

Sun 23rd June

A check on the east this morning  with a view to getting it open , west will remain shut

Sat 22nd June

FRESH BAIT  king rag, black lug & peelers


Fri 21st June

S west winds building on the forecast today & looking like a watch on both walls by late afternoon . BOTH walls expected to close tonight and ALL of Saturday. Over night news of a 6lb bass on the west (pic on twitter feed)

FRESH BAIT  king rag & black lug

Thurs 20th June

looking like a warm & overcast day prior to the weekends expected blows , check with shop re bait

Wed 19th June

Walls now back to normal, no news on catches.

FRESH BAIT  king rag & black lug

round up , an early morning clonker of a bass (8lb) & a couple of morning mackerel on each arm showed promise , especially as the water looked clear. Seems the day turned into a bit of a slog with a few bream & some sole showing on the east & bream also on the  mid low pegs on the west. Mackerel proved to be very ellusive  & a couple of sizeable mullet (one over 5lb) high on the east summed up the daytime.

Tues 18th June




Mon 17th June

Strongish NE winds today, with mixed cloud cover & maybe a few showers . Both walls open today & over night but due to essential repairs BOTH WALLS will close TUESDAY at 7am

FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug

Sun 16th June

both walls to re-open once checks have been done this morning.

FRESH BAIT , king rag & black lug

Sat 15th June

Shop open at 7am , both walls closed for the day

FRESH BAIT  black lug & king rag

Fri 14th June

Both walls to open once safety checks are done

Some nice schoolie bass being caught on the east along with sole & plaice showing.

Weather closes in tonight & both walls will close this evening & remain shut on Saturday

Thurs 13th June

Both walls to stay shut

Wed 12th June

looking like the weather is closing in , wall check early this morning  , don't be surprised  if one or both walls get closed as the SW winds push in

FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug


Tues 11th June

Looking like a few showers today & some rain & SWests  for 2-3 day after that. Southerlies start light this morning & build & likely to effect the walls wed-thurs . The up is the weather should go a long way into clearing the may rot out.

FRESH BAIT  king rag & black lug 

no news to hand for yesterday

round up , the high brought the mackerel out to play in good numbers on the west , with a few showing also on the east, plaice & bream to be had also on the east.

Mon 10th June

winds much lighter today & swinging E to SE,

FRESH BAIT black lug

Sun 9th June

The wind looks slightly easier today but still sat on the NE & wont really ease back until this evening

FRESH BAIT  king rag & black lug

N IFFY start with reports of codling, was a fat pout in the end... over night , sole & bass again the story , the morning dropping tide was full of bloom. Tide turn & the east  side looked green rather than brown & the catches started. top end saw plaice,bream & sole in ok numbers with a gurnard,... middle wall saw plaice, schoolies,gar, bream mackerel, & more sole. The bend again a repeat of the middle with more gurnards, a pollack & some dab.... all looked great until mid tide & the weed/bloom/rot call it as u will returned & killed all of the fishing... the west ...... hmmmm 1st thing this morning i was saying to people in the shop... dont do it .... those that listened went east & caught , those that went west ...... mainly blanked & asked " wheres the fish"...... one word....... DIRE

was really hard going, a few mackies & a silver eel seen or admitted to.

The mayrot/bloom looks like its in the last stages & begining to smell...i guess thats an UP .....


Sat 8th June

good temps expected in spite of strong NE winds today

FRESH BAIT king rag , black lug & peelers

late evening & over night news  of some decent sole , schoolies,plaice & small thornbacks, maybe the water is finally showing signs of cleaning up

round up ... a tough old day in the sun. The wind never let up until late afternoon & the fishing was tough going with may bloom hampering the fishing. The west struggled to get anything more than a few mackerel on high tide & eventually added a schoolie  mid wall & an eel low numbers. The east didnt fare too much better with the best of the catches running up to the high. Species  went , mackerel, schoolies for both sides, bream, an eel, thornbacks(small),plaice pollack,& a few  bream.

Fri 7th June

No at hand news for yesterday will try and up-date later. NE wind quite strong, water still grubby walls looking quiet this morning.

FRESH BAIT Black Lug and King Rag.

Workmen on the west until mid afternoon, wall restricted 1-12. East restrictions lifted.

Thurs 6th June

strong NE winds although temps  forecast look good

FRESH BAIT black lug & king rag  

Thurs round up, tough going morning Mackerel over the tide (high), a few Flatties and Breem but the May rot hampering things, highlight of the day was a 4.5lb Bass on the west in the evening mid wall.

wed 5th june

FRESH BAIT black lug & king rag

mackerel on the high & loads of bloom still, flatties to be had under the muck on bait

Tues 4th June

Maintenance scheduled for the east this morning . Fishing will be restricted to  bays 1 through 21 and closed above this point until about 4pm

west wall unaffected

FRESH BAIT  black lug

may bloom/may rot call it as you will but itts there & making the water look like TEA.! mackerel for a few on the west , suprisingly reasonable numbers for an hour or so   . other than that ... a few plaice & bream early to bait & that was it before lunch time

Mon 3rd June

ENE breezes expected with plenty of sun , 

FRESH BAIT black lug

was only about a short while  but saw  plaice mackerel & gar over the morning tide on the west , no huge numbers though. East there were a couple of early plaice & bream mid wall  but the water was looking brown from the may rot . I suspect its nearly done with that colour deepening  & showing signs that the warer temp is rising.

Sun 2nd June

weather looking good with light notherlies

FRESH BAIT  king rag , black lug & peelers

round up

A long slow day that i can only describe as brutal. Both walls were busy early with mackerel hunters, nearly all of those went home empty handed. The water was glowing with may rot all day & the fishing reflected it. The mackerel count on the west in 12 hrs could be fone on 2 hands . on the east the only saving grace was this years  success story. Plaice . not loads but a slow tick over of catches saw a select few anglers go home with something for tea. Very harsh going until the near high late afternoon with bream starting to show by 6pm with some nice plaice &  a couple of cuttle & squid. Trying to explain a lack of fish became embarasing  to say the least

Sat 1st June

no news from yesterday to hand , looking like things will again be breezy from the north with decent levels of sunshine

FRESH BAIT king rag,black lug & peelers

first a round up from yesterday with mackerel on both walls garfish similar , best news being the bream takes on the east rising fast. overnight some good sized sole & bream again.

This mornings early tide produced mackerel & garfish both walls  one bream & some plaice on the west & again good sized bream & plaice for the east early. As the tide dropped things got quite tough going &  the mid day low had a few people scowling. On the low the plaice started to play & for some there were some nice catches .... a few bream that i know of on the east & a handful; of  gurnards . The west high saw plaice & dome cracking bream but the mackerel were definately sluggish to play.

 MAY 2013


Fri 31st May

Northerlies with reasonable amounts of sun today 

FRESH BAIT black lug & king rag

Thur 30th May

sunshine & showers looking like the order of the day , no news to hand for yesterday

FRESH BAIT black lug & king rag


Wed 29th May

overcast with light to med westerlies forcast.

Tues 28th May

a damp start with rain/showers most of the daytime. generally light southerlies forecast

FRESH BAIT  king rag & black lug

over night on the east saw plaice dab , sole & some nice schoolie bass with decent numbers of early morning mackies coming out

Not many fishing today total call was squiod & cuttle, plaice dab & schoolies on the east with the west seeing a schoolie taken also with mackerel on both sides

#Mon 27th May

Light to medium SW breezes today could possibly be an issue for the west wall. Expected to be very busy today

FRESH BAIT kingr rag & black lug

over night ,most catches on the east ,. schoolies some sole & loads of pout & rockling... the day started snotted up . may bloom smothering both alls & almost no catching rated ,   as the tide came up the water cleaned & i sat on the west , result there was some early schoolies , dirty water until the high & mackies in numbers for most, dominant on the dirty water though & rockling crabs & pout were very common catches. east saw squid & cuttle & im hearing some very good plaice . Massivly busy but hopefully most went home happy even though things were somewhat crowded.

Sun 26th May

NW going westerly today, light winds, temps looking good ,light cloud cover.things looking good

FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug , 

Fantastic start to the day, sun is up and looking glorious.  It will be a very busy day so you have been warned, get there now :)

roundup.. so B.hol n v busy, both walls filled fast & will tomorrow i think...

west ... mackerel throughout most of the day  a few plaice low numbers to those that put bait out. a side note , the west was v v busy n the ppl there were fantastic , they had fun , fished & problems were almost nothing

the east when i was there saw plaice , dab , mackerel, gar, flounder n rockling,wrasse ticking in also again v busy n space at a premium.

tomorrow forcast looks like n other  v v busy day

Sat 25th May

A cool start with North breezes & some sunshine expected .. odd for a Bank hol weekend !

FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug

round up,slowish start nothing of note to say about the night,the morning picked up quickly on both walls with the west seeing mackerel  4 hrs before the high, & the east following suit @ 2 hrs later,  hardly anyone bait fishing the west so the better catches on bait stayed on the east including a decent bream & a couple of cracking plaice. Gar to both walls with mackerel running through the bulk of the day especially late afternoon on the east

species round up , gar, mackerel, plaice dab , rockling bream, eels & flounders & a cuttle that i know of

 Fri 24th May

strong WNW wind forecast today that could impact on the west wall.

FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug

early home run , only a few fishing & conditions on the west v poor, no news from the east

Thurs 23rd May

winds off the NW today , possible showers mid afternoon & looking similar for Fridy (expect coloured water on the west)

FRESH BAIT king rag , & black lug expected by mid-day 

both walls saw morning mackerel , no other news to hand

late info emailed in by chris "Message: = For the blog - Thursday as it was getting dark I caught a couple of decent plaice, a 2 ft eel and a Dover Sole! High on the East 57-60."

Wed 22nd May

Looking like a mild overcast day mainly forecast with North wind picking up over night.

King rag expected in between 10am & 12  midday , quality frozen lug in stock

No Black Lug until tomorrow, yesterdays news, 6 or 7 reasonable Schoolie Bass, taken high on the east late afternoon.  Slow going on both walls over the low tide but the west did pick up late afternoon with plenty of mackerel including a few on the east.  This morning both walls seeing Mackerel.

round up , slower on the plaice front today & less "anglers" out there.  a bream for each wall today (a pic on the twitter feed) with most of the mackerel on the west running up to midday. sluggish to slow on the walls as the tide dropped out & wind picking up making the west a bit splashy though no play to close anything , both walls will be open through the night


Tues 21st May

More northerlies expected possible showers this morning bait situation should be clearer  in a couple of hours Late news from yesterday the Mackerel chose to play just after I left in the morning with both walls getting decent numbers.  I am informed there was a repeat at last light yesterday.  This morning despite the forecast looking glorious flat calm and clean water.

Come get it !


round up , plaice to both walls , one pic on twitter feed , mackerel to both walls though only a few on the east. On the west they showed before the tide & were still playing at 11am , fish for all today.

Mon 20th May

Looking like showers for the bulk of the day with a northerly breeze, unsure of bait situation this morning ,. will try & remember to post some info onto the feed later.

feedback from late afternoon yesterday indicate that the west wall got busy fast over the afternoon high while there was hardly a soul on the east .... mackerel were limited but some nice plaice & dogfish  on the lower bays.

no fresh bait available today but there is some frozen black in that is in quality condition from the usual bait supplier,

Sun 19th May

Looks like the forecast has dramaticly changed. 2 days ago it was showing 4+ days of heavy rain  ... now today looks like we going to miss the worst of it. Unsure of the bait situation until 7-7.30am. Light NE  predicted

round up , the east overnight had the first I know of re Bream & sole, 2 bream confirmed of abouth 1lb each & a sole  reported also.... this morning both walls saw a few mackies over the high with the west also having plaice & dogfish on lower marks ....

the east today  slow before the low, but another small bream & plaice mid to high numbers with  bits n bobs on both such as rockling & bullheads. water still struggling to clean up with such small tides

Sat 18th May

a lack of news for yesterday, looking like rain today with light westerlies. Both walls up & running

FRESH BAIT , king rag & black lug

The day started with a booboo , i forgot to press update this morning so the homepage showed both walls shut ... yup i got plenty of calls. The fishing ..... slow , overnight  into morning  most  were shaking their heads saying " no fish" there was a  3lb-ish bass low on the east but mainly  rockling & occasional doggies.

morning tides proved brutal with little coming out though offshore mackerel were being caught & reported. Things never really got going until after mid-day & the low tide turned, an hour in & plaice,flounder & dab with one or two small schoolies were called. I cleared out @ 5pm & was told of  a couple of  sizeable mackerel just landed on the west..... until tomorrow..........

Fri 17th May

light ENE breeze with mixed cloud cover , possible showers later expected. Both walls up & running

Overnight, bits and bobs in cloudy water, Flounder, Dab, small Rays but mainly Dog Fish.  This morning water slightly cleaner and first Squid of the day goes to Tim, (see Twitter feed)

FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug

Thurs 16th May

Finally some calmer weather ahead, hopefully the sea colour will improve over the next day or  two. Unsure as yet on bait , will get some news up on the feed asap.

FRESH BAIT black lug & king rag

roundup an odd day , really looked like the muddy colour would clean out early,... seems it will take a tide longer , bits n bobs are the show for the day .... one or a few of each ... dab plaice flounder dogfish in numbers an A ........holy poo .............a "mackerel"  I guess things need another tide or two to start performing

Wed 15th May

another double close this morning , possible chance of the east opening later today , check with shop re  that & fresh bait

Tues 14th May

both walls closed

Mon 13th May

Bit blowy out there , will take a look at the east @ 6am to see if it can be got open, looking like the west will be a bust.

4pm east arm closed  little to report

Sun 12th May

east to open about 6.30 am with a watch on it this afternoon

testing a twitter feed

sat 11th may

closed all day .... 50/50 on opening sunday

Fri 10th May

still ugly out there & BOTH WALLS CLOSED

Thurs 9th May



Wed 8th May

Winds starting to get up ,forecasted conditions not looking to healthy

fresh bait , black lug king rag

lunch round up , walls are still open though forecast is looking iffy, gar,mackerel & a squid on the west with a couple of flatties on the east in v choppy conditions


Tues 7th May

Looking another decent day with plenty of sun. Wed thurs looking a bit grubby with a SW blow coming through

FRESH BAIT king rag  & peelers

Overnight reports of decent Flatties and the usual Rockling.

Dawn patrol Plaice in numbers, some nice ones on the west.  8am mackerel made a show on the west, over on the east decent Plaice catches and a few Dab mixed in.

Mon 6th May

both walls up & running , forecasts indicate an @rse burning day so take sun cream out with you & load up on liquids (water not beer lol), it WILL be hot & dry

FRESH BAIT  king rag & black lug , peeler looking perfect

No overnight news, water looking to have a lot of May bloom, west wall this morning already busy, crash helmet or east wall recommended.

9am Mackerel on both walls, the west wall is packed  

west 9-1pm today saw numbers of mackerel, a few schoolies, & one decent bass take of over 45cm, add in plaice & a few dabs to go with this weekends dogfish sort of summed up the west today , the east was again a pre mid day fish , with plenty of good flatties & some really decent plaice on the feed, cuttle & squid low down on the high made an odd say of morning good afternoon drop v v poor ....

plaice dab squid & cuttle in numbers after the low turned & tide started to come back up  gar fish ticked over through the day

Sun 5th May

a dull start with possible showers, the wind looks to have blown itself out

FRESH BAIT king rag, black lug & peelers

I failed to mention Saturdays 1st , A regular junior angler ALEX had this years 1st Gurnard on the east wall on Saturday and am hoping he will send a pic for the gallery.

Todays fishing has been a bit odd to say the least. An early high brought out anglers very quickly & the walls filled fast. very muddy water slowed  what was coming out on both walls. The west saw plenty of dogfish with what seemed 1/2 a ton of rockling . A decent sized eel & a few flounders fairly much summed up the bulk of the day on the west. The east went toe to toe regarding rockling numbers with some decent dab & flounders coming out pre low tide. Very few plaice in the morning , the best of them mid wall @ 35., a small schoolie,(39cm), some rays,flounder & a couple of pollack added to pre low castches. Things looked to be clearing warder wise until rich on the low  the dreaded may bloom settled all around the wall & for my last 2 hrs all I saw was rockling pre 5pm.

 The other constant today ...... dogfish ........ & some more dogfish  , & just for fun , even more dogfish , both walls seemed  loaded with them  on the murky water ..... im begining to think these mutts live on MAY BLOOM !

Sat 4th May

SW winds looking likely to cause issues with the west wall today making things lumpy if not a close

FRESH BAIT king rag, black lug & peelers

Overnight mainly Dabs and Dog Fish.  This morning in spite of choppy conditions on the west 50 or 60 Mackerel have been caught with some Plaice and a handful of mackies on the east.

final round up , wow that was fun NOT the wind came then the rain came i got wet every one else got wet & most then went home, choppy was a serious understatement ... the west closed & it lumped up big time killing any chance of a fish ....... before one ... some plaice ... after one , no fish.... wet, windy n nasty...... bah humbug.

Fri 3rd May

Bank holiday weekend gets under way with what looks like a goodun. A bit breezy but plenty of sun. Both walls open

FRESH BAIT , king rag,black lug & peelers

a few 1st light mackies with a slow tick over after that, as the tide dropped  things became sluggish.Plaice & mackerel were the mainstay of the afternoon . Over on the charter side of things  it looks like the bream are getting active with GREY VIKING picking a few up over the last few day  and add to that some nice smooth hounds to crab baits  Yesterday one angler also managed a cracking Undulate ray that went over 13lb (pic to follow soon)

Thur 2nd May

similar conditions to yesterday in the morning , overcast & possible showers later.

FRESH BAIT  king rag & black lug

AM, early morning catches of Mackerel Herring and Dog Fish on the west over on the east Plaice and Mackerel as well with a bonus show from the Mullet in the inner basin, add to this news from the charters that Bream are being caught.

Wed 1st May

Looking a bit of a blowy start on the NE this morning with  constant wind all day

FRESH BAIT black lug, king rag & peelers

.... early mackerel & herring on the west with a decent tick over of flatties on the east before lunch ..... mackerel also on the afternoon high

 APRIL 2013


Tues 30th Apr

NE & breezy, looking like a dry sunny one.

FRESH BAIT king rag, black lug & peelers, Overnight not many fishing but catches included Mackerel,Dab, Flounder, Dog Fish pups, Smooth Hound pups, small Thornbacks and a reported Bull Huss.. During the day both walls have clocked up plaice & mackerel while the east had the better of it with a good show all round on the flat fish front.

Mon 29th apr

walls closed over night & to open @ 8am

FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug

Sun 28th apr

both walls up & running, definately colder this morning, temps for day cast @ 10 deg wish an expected mainly over cast day. wind levels less than yesterday until this evening with a possible close tonight.

FRESH BAIT , black lug, ragworm & peelers.

lunch round up , im old , squid report tomorrow, ! scattered pre high tide mackerel, mostly on the west as the extention was opened. on the east  plenty of plaice, many between 10&12 oz, dabs & flounder in fair numbers with the occasional decent sized mackerel, only saw one squid prior to the high tide & a few of the dreaded  rockling lurking on the low water.

sat 27th apr

east shut for comp

FRESH BAIT rag , lug & peelers

round up , will post some pics & a fuller report of the sqiud comp tomorrow  but , 9 were caught


catches on the marina include 100+ mackerel on the west, some for the east including one on a squid jig !. plaice dab & flounders ticked over on the east though most were marginal keepers or under sized. The rain held off so it turned out a half decent day in spite of the NE wind

Fri 26th Apr

looking like its getting cooler today & will be a damp one as the showers come things turn northerly for a few days

FRESH BAIT rag, lug & peelers

round up , a showery start , catches ticked over though, again plaice dab & flounder , both walls saw mackerel & gar & im hearing the squid count was over 10 on the east.....

Thurs 25th April

Foggy start with conditions looking similar to yesterday.  Water clarity very good.

FRESH BAIT Black Lug, King Rag and Peelers.

round up.The fog cleared & the sun came out before lunch and with it came the fish. Mackerel on both walls squid on the east & flatties. The plaice are getting smaller but are still there to be caught.current catches , plaice,dab,flounder,squid,mackerel,dogfish,smooth hound pups,bullheads & small thornbacks. As to the porpoises, they are still about & a joy to watch.

Wed 24th Apr 

looking like a breezy day on the south westerly & looking like a good warm day this afternoon. 65.2 high at  10.48

morning roundup This years 1st mackerel catch goes to Noel on the west today (pics on gallery) On a foggy day with a chop the fishes seem to be obliging with mackerel & gar on the west with the east clocking up a steady tick of plaice , a few dab & flounders along with those slugs(rockling) . Seems early morning & yesterday also has been producing some fair sized dogfish

24.4.13 first squid , first mackerel & first gar on the marina

Tues 23rd Apr

light westerly forecast with a foggy start & both walls open, not much news  yet on catches yesterday other than some nice early plaice on the east wall.

FRESH BAIT king rag on order

Flatties order of the day again with porpoise's off the marina again.

Mon 22nd Apr

both walls to open this morning although a SWest is forecast & may cause issues late afternoon

sun 21st apr

both walls open

FRESH BAIT  king rag

round up , well the frozen came in & what seemed like 1/2 a ron of rag went out like the world was ending. 1pm & all fresh bait had gone.Monday bait situation , ring & ask  it may be like pulling gold dust from  cement ... but ... maybe....

Fish wise , very similar to yesterday , sluggish with a few nice keepers here & there to keep folk interested. 4pm brought some SW winds that seriously crapped up the fishing & the west will be closed over night....., catches , plaice dab & flounders on the east & decent plaice low on the west with a daylight dogfish low on the west also

Sat 20th Apr

both walls open , light ENE & a dry day forecast

FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug

Round up, the weather gods came out to play this morning, small tides meant very little movement and problems getting hold of enough Black Lug.   A busy start on the wall with numbers arriving early.  It's a shame the fish didn't play first thing and people struggled as the tide dropped onto the low, 1.30pm brought the turn and numbers of Plaice started to increase.  Not a great day on the flattie front but Plaice, Dab and Flounders all caught on the East, looking good for the high tide this evening no sign of Squid today. The plus side of the day is the M word, commercial nets this morning produced at least 1 and 1 of the charter boats returning today reported a sizeable shoal 2 miles out, it won't be long.  There will be no Black Lug available tomorrow other than those already ordered there may be some frozen after lunch (no promises).

Fri 19th Apr

East to open after a full wall check @9am, west to remain shut today

round up, both walls got opened as the sun finally came out to play . The fishing was  sluggish running up to 4pm today though a few species decided to show themselves. Among the catches today were, plaice,dab,flounder,a small thornback,  stary smooth-hound pups and a small schoolie bass for good measure.

Thur 18th Apr

double close

Wed Apr 17th

wall check on the east @ 8am but forecast not looking good , west shut.

Wall check done East open first 3 gates.

FRESH BAIT king rag

round up , somewhat  sluggish this morning & early afternoon with mostly  rockling & undersized plaice, running up to the tide @ 4pm a slow tick . Am hereing of some decent doggies starting to show on over night sessions now.

Tues Apr 16th

Double close down this morning

Mon Apr 15th

Check on the east & should open as things settle, looking like west will stay shut today , check with shop re bait

Guys, when you see Frank today make sure you wish him happy birthday, he's 52 hehe. xx

Sun 14th Apr

East opened after a late start but was out most of the day & unable to change here, as a reuslt no info regarding catches

FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug

Sat 13th April

East will remain open for 3-4 hrs.  after that check with shop.  Good luck guys

round up , a mucky day in the rain as the southerly built. a few flounder dab & rockling out before conditions made things un fishable.

Fri 12th Apr

both walls shut today as i believe they were yesterday so no news on whats catching. On current forecast walls will be shut sat & sun also as a strong SW runs through

check with shop re bait

Thur 11apr

check with shop re wall openings , theres a SW blow coming in & the site unlikely to be updated now until Fri PM

FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug

Wed 10th Apr

Feeling milder & lighter winds for a change , both walls open

FRESH BAIT black lug & king rag

plenty of flatties today with the  dab returning in numbers to boost plaice catches

Tues 9th Apr

Possible late opening on the east this morning(early check) as high winds forecast

FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug

Round up: west wall low numbers produced plaice,dab,flounder & rockling  with higher pegs having rockling before lunch. The east was later opening & a few headed that way after 11am , no news from there as such but would be surprised had it not  produced today.

Mon 8th April

Easterlies turning SE today & news of the squid comp planned for 13th April

Due to favourable conditions not being met it has been decided to use the  reserve date of 27th April for the  2013 squid comp 

FRESH BAIT black lug

morning round up .  plaice from the off for some & saw some nice dab coming out mid way up the east.

competition announcement dates added to home & event pages for wall plaice & bass comps , more details when ready

Sun 7th Apr

no overnight info to hand, easterlies & not as cold

FRESH BAIT black lug

roundup: finally a halfway decent day in the sun . The wind didnt really get up as predicted & from the get go early this morning plaice started coming out . great I thought its going to be a bumper fish day. I guess it was the thought that counted eh. End result , things were slower than yesterday  with the overall numbers & sizes down on yesterday. Plaice scattered all along the wall from 15 through 58 on the east with a few early morning rockling chucked in . Didnt see any dab & only a couple of flounders but not everyone was sharing info ... or had much to share . Walls open over night  as the weather is so much better.

Sat 6th Apr

well the good news it its going to get warmer . NE still holding today & both walls open., easterlies tomorrow for a couple of days then those southerlies ...

fri evening - overning... plaice dab &  rockling 

saturday ... an odd one , the morning started bright , sunny & fishy ... loads of good plaice running up to the top of the tide & they held over the high being caught in fair numbers , the  drop saw activity until @ 11ish things came to a crashing hald ... no idea after 2pm but the drop off at 11ish surprised me as i thought things looked like a bumper session .... go figure ,

FRESH BAIT  black lug 

Fri 5th Aug

Another cold one like yesterday, this seems endless!

FRESH BAIT black lug

Thur 4th Apr

no catch news to hand for yesterday,expect a cold day , strong NE & snow forecasts seemingly now normal!

FRESH BAIT black lug

Wed 3rd Apr

both walls open this morning, again cold with a dominant NNE

FRESH BAIT black lug

plaice on both walls , dab & flounder showing on the east also

Tues 2nd April 

Both walls open ENE winds yet again chilling the air

FRESH BAIT black lug

round up : heard things were a bit lean today in the wind , the bulk of catches being flatties , flounder,dab & plaice but no great numbers

Mon 1st April

both walls open 

FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug

plaice caught on both walls with dab & rockling over night sun-mon, east also seeing  herring dab & flounder as the day ticked over


 MARCH 2013


Sun 31st Mar

both walls open with minor restrictions.More easterlies & low temps to deal with ;(

FRESH BAIT  king rag & black lug

round up, v slow on the west with only a couple of anglers over there prior to mid afternoon , on the east... a tale of 2 halves. slow running up to the top of the tide with a few plaice scattered along the 15 - 40 bays followed by  a handful of herring. High bays through the day produced plaice, dab & some very nice flounders of which I believe a couple clocked over 1.5lb

Sat 30th Mar

both walls open, forecast much the same as yesterday,

FRESH BAIT , black lug & king rag

roundup:: bit of a tough day all round,muddy water & a NE wind didn't make for a happy day. Most of the plaice came out either side of the high with a few dab being caught on the drop. Over the top it took a while but the herring did show up though not in numbers. News from the boats indicate squid 10-12 miles out so with a few days of clean water they should arrive inshore.

Fri 29th Mar

sold & NEasterly again , both walls to open

FRESH BAIT black lug

round up , mid afternoon things had been tough going , a few plaice & dab running up the tide & herring showing over the high. Cold & slow the order of the day

Thurs 28th Mar

hmmmmm , still cold, still north easterly but not so strong today ...so it says on the forecast do I believe it .... both walls to open

roundup a scratchy day been reported , a few species , dab .plaice flounder & a few other skinny bits... nothing of size & slow going. seems the wind srill doing its best to kill the fishing

FRESH BAIT black lug

Wed 27th Mar

both open , still those N Easterlys with a chance of snow flurries.

FRESH BAIT black lug

Nice plaice out early today & then watched a school of small black porpoises cruise past the east wall so close you could almost touch them , grace & beauty in motion .

Am told the plaice ticked over,  up & over the tide also ... Nice to see the forecasters "snow" never happened.

Tues 26th Mar

A cold few days is an understatement! a few snow flurries about & a few anglers fishing in very coloured water has seen the return of rockling & a few dabs & flounders for the lucky ones. Mixed choice on the forecast with the met office showing cold & NE winds right through to easter monday & XC showing similar with the added bonus over the next 3-5days of possible snow/or sleet. Please keep an eye on weather condition prior to travelling any distances.

round up plaice & dab order of the day im told  with 29 fishing well :)

Mon 25th mar

another cold one expected as the north easterly dominates, check with shop regarding fresh bait.

squid comp 13th april details HERE

FRESH BAIT  black lug

Sun 24th Mar

A cold & wet day yesterday meant hardly a soul about  thus no idea of any catches , today started with snow flurries & a cold wind ... it didnt get any better... 3-4 fishing & catches of the day were rockling....... tough all round.

Sat 23rd Mar

east to open after checks this morning, possible wall check on west @ 11am

FRESH BAIT limited black lug

Fri 22nd Mar 

both closed today

Thur 21st mar

no reports to hand , east open 

FRESH BAIT black lug

Wed 20th Mar

east open this morning 1-46 west shut

FRESH BAIT  black lug & an early heads up , worm will be in short supply this weekend..... book early

Tues 19th Mar 

East arm only open today

Pollack comp results & round up posted

a few pics here

& http://www.thetackleboxbrighton.com/page7.htm 
 and contrary to popular opinion rumour of their demise seems premature as the plaice make their presence well know on the east today with good numbers being caught through the day

Monday 18th

Competition going ahead, good luck and Michael will be there so please look out for the little man.  Mrs F xx

a few plaice reported my way but told all in all a quiet day in people & fish numbers

i have all the details of weigh ins will sort tomorrow a full pile up
1st connor bonwick seabreeze3 17 lb 9oz
2ndshaun greenfield sea leopard 15.11
3rd alan milford btn diver 14.14
4th lez head lady of lake 13.8
5th john pearce lady of lake 12.11
after connors massive hit top jnr was....
jnr michael parker 10.9

boat prizes
charter , terry lee seabreeze3
private just purfek skipper darek blaney (sp)

& the RNLI are over a grand to the good .... well done all 

Sun 17th Mar

Both walls to stay shut today , decision regarding Pollack comp to be made @ 1pm today

Sat 16th Mar

both walls shut

FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug

Fri 15th Mar

both walls closed

Thurs 14th Mar

Another sub zero night with plenty of snow & ice about, wall check @ 9am

Both walls now open & will close over night , check with shop re Friday as strong SW winds forecast & likely to affect both walls

heard of some  nice plaice on the east  but no other news today.

Wed 13th Mar 

Wall stayed closed today due to a lack of thaw on both walls with loads of sheet ice a problem. Next check planned for Thurs @ 9am

full wall check scheduled for 8am

Check on wall planned for mid day, closed until then.

Wrap up warm guys, Mrs F

Tues  12th Mar both walls closed

1pm tuesTemps risen fast & a big thaw underway.Probable wall check @ 8am wed  

WEATHER WARNING Still snowing at 7am Tuesday & more expected , travel in the whole area very disrupted & best avoided


Mon 11th Mar 

7pm still snowing & settling , wind is driving hard & conditions are shocking , Forecast is more snow through the night so dont expect any opening on the marina tomorrow

5am currently light snow falling so a possible "stay closed" ahead. update/inspect planned @ 8am


Sun 10th Mar

wall restrictions back in place as the wet takes hold. Temps dropping today & strong NEasterly  will take hold . Snow being forecast later today & for much of tomorrow with a spill over maybe into tues. Anyone planning to travel monday may be best advised to check  with the shop or localy for  conditions. Bait  very short this weekend & at time of typing unsure if the shop will be able to obtain a fresh supply of worm. Pre ordered bait already covered.

round up , a sluggish morning & not too busy , a few plaice, some rockling add to the mix occasional flounder & dab. didnt see any herring on a somewhat more coloured water today & most of the fish caught were quite skinny. top of the day seen was a nice plump plaice  of about 38cm

Sat 9th Mar

both walls open & looking over cast for most of the day ,seems there is more snow forecast for sun/mon , oh happy joy joy

FRESH BAIT  king rag & black lug

roundup.. first light one angler on the east & plaice & rockling. A SLOW tick over on the rise of mainly plaice & on top of the tide a few herring of mixed sizes.A sluggish drop with a few plaice   and a dead mid tide.Near the low I heard of 2-3 more showing for some of the more junior anglers so not such a hard day for some.

Fri 8th Mar

Plaice reported on both walls yesterday though not in great numbers, dab flounder & rockling among other catches mentioned and a few herring of mixed sizes

FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug

roundup.no news from the west & only a few on the east so things seemed sluggish . A few plaice for those that made the effort & the herring came out to play over the evening tide im told.

Thurs 7th Mar

both walls open , no fish reports available , looking like a couple of damp days ahead so expect some restrictions on the east.

FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug

Wed 6th Mar

both walls open , no catch reports to hand for tuesday

FRESH BAIT  king rag & black lug

Tues 5th Mar

building south easterlies will eventually make things a bit bumpy on the east today, air temps lookin ok though.

FRESH BAIT black lug & should be a drop of king rag also this morning

late reports for the east yesterday indicated some nice plaice taken on the drop and a good dab that pushed 30cm

Mon 4th Mar

both walls open

FRESH BAIT black lug

not much news other than fishyrob fished the west out of the wind & had some plaice on the higher bays :), me .... I went out :)

Sun 3rd Mar

both walls open  with the wind firmly sat on the easterly

FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug

East wall today will be open near full length with restrictions on bays 45-55.  Top level fully open. & suspect things will be tough going

Did think this morning  that I thought things may be tough with the easterly taking hold

Tough was a bit of an understatement for the wall

Hard hard going running up to the high  was the word

No news of the drop


Sat 2nd Mar

both walls open this morning, temps on the increase .... must be nearly spring !

FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug

round up , a long sluggish day on the walls. Strangely I thought it would be a good day but maybe the easterly scuppered it a bit.  The plaice were either side of the high & many quite skinny . Did see one or two quality fish but generally thin. over the top , sprats & herring though no huge numbers.

Fri 1st Mar

Both walls open this morning no info from thursday available

FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug

thurs roundup ... only just got a report for yesterday as was off. Both arms quiet people wise but both walls had a sprinkling of plaice , dab & herring on east & possibly sprats mixed in with herring as sizes were reported as small

fri roundup , plaice catches on the up , a few herring & sprats on the increase also. Star catch of the day , a 5.5lb lumpsucker !

 February 2013


Thurs 28th Feb 

both walls open this morning

FRESH BAIT king rag & limited black lug

Wed 27th Feb

A bit damp & may feel milder for a change this morning, no reports to hand.

FRESH BAIT black lug

very few fishing either wall today, one or two plaice  came out along with the usual rockling & minor bits & bobs  

Tues 26th March

both walls open this morning

FRESH BAIT  king rag , a delivery of black is hoped for today mid morning

plenty of early anglers on the east today , catches wern't prolific but did include plaice dab & rockling & a few of those awaited herring.

Mon 25th Feb

both walls open this morning

FRESH BAIT king rag

very few fishing in the cold today,those that did  managed rockling & from what was told a few skinny plaice in the poor conditions.

Sun 24th Feb

Both walls open

Fresh Bait, King Rag

Think of Michael at his footie game and hope we win, good luck guys have a fun day :) xx Mrs F

 slow slow quick quick slow ... ok maybe not , some plaice on both walls but v slow going , on the up ... herring & sprats have been confirmed in a decent way by one over night angler ... sort of makes sense of anglers reporting " ghost bites" with big rod knocks & on the retrieve bait intact & no fish.... i recon the herring/sprats are hitting the blinged traces & ignoring bait... get out & find out or tell me im wrong :)

Sat 23rd Feb

walls were closed overnight due to snow conditions & safety. Both will be checked at 1st light & should re open this morning

FRESH BAIT king rag , re black , check with shop after 10am

Hardly anyone fishing either wall, those that did on the east all caught Plaice, 4 or 5 on the west found things hard going but i did see the occasional Plaice there as well.  No reports overnight.

Fri 22nd Feb

ENE winds will make it feel very cold out there today ..... one for the nutters I suspect. Both walls to open.

FRESH BAIT king rag

wasnt about too long this morning as too bliddy cold but to the few that braved it there were some plaice dab but mainly rockling before lunch , no idea of this afternoon in the snow flurries !"

Thurs 21st feb

a watch on the east today as that wind rises making things unpleasant & feeling very cold. West open

FRESH BAIT king rag 

cold nasty & signs of sleet this morning , 2 braving the east have had a bab or 2 & some whiting for their effort.

Wed 20th Feb

Fairly high easterlies today will make things unpleasant on the east , the west fully open while dry. Black lug with short tide will be very in short supply for a few days

FRESH BAIT king rag, re black, currently pre orders only

Where to start ... the east wall... cold windy & very unpleasant to fish , redeeming point , it was sunny . thats about it before lunch.

The west , an early plaice and some rockling also somewhat windswept. I heard later that it filled up somewhat & by 4pm the fishing was slow . No news on catches over the top of the tide though.

Tues 19th Feb

both walls open this morning no other reports to hand as yet

round up: the water started off today very cloudy though the east wind had dropped  to near nothing. The sun came up & anglers were hopeful that things would improve on the very poor monday. It got better somewhat slowly with the high late in the afternoon the order of the dayt was rockling & a few dab & occasional small plaice until mid afternoon. Though the numbers never got close to saturday there were some nice plaice coming out by 4pm... Wed looks again erratic with high easterly winds forecast & I suspect if one was to fish the marina the west arm would be the best option

Mon 18th Feb

both walls to open this morning

FRESH BAIT black lug

one or two plaice had on both walls & a few rockling seen on the east. Poor conditions that side are slowing things up & colouring the water.

Sun 17th Feb

Both walls open although the east will be a bit lumpy as the easterly picks up. Expect travel delays around brighton with the half marathon event going on

FRESH BAIT black lug

Over night things ticked over with some decent dab & plaice showing over the early morning high water. as the light broke things slowed again to a jentle tick. it stayed that way until 11ish & died as the easterly took hoild. by mid afternoon the sun was up but the wind had all but killed the fishing making things quite grim

Sat 16th Feb

light south - S-easterlies & looking like a good day out there, both walls open

FRESH BAIT black lug & king rag

roundup; a busy day on the east with spaces at a premium. A slow start with plaice dab & rockling showing from the low tide. As the level came up plaice dominated the catches up to the high water with many over 1lb  a few pushing 1.5 & one that looked though not weighed  a good 2lb+. hot marks tough to call , 15 area produced consistently 25-30 boosted just before the high. 10 through 36 all did well with a few using the high bays over 57 as a bonus today also. The beach from the pier to the marina was also packed with anglers & reports seem good there also

Fri 15th Feb

Both walls open today & looking good

FRESH BAIT black lug & king rag

A slow start to the morning with a few plaice dab & flounder showing before 11am Am told things after that picked up as the water started to clear out & plenty of plaice dab & flounders with a couple of small schoolie bass for good measure

Thurs 14th Feb

 A bit wild & wooley out there at the moment with both walls closed, probable check on the east around mid-day

FRESH BAIT black lug & king rag

East opened sometime @ 11am things reported as sluggish with the water coloured up. A few dabs but most there were scratching about. Looking better for Friday with the east staying open tonight.

Wed 13th Feb

both walls open this morning

FRESH BAIT black lug & king rag arrives @ 11am


some nice early plaice along with whiting , rockling  and some decent sized dab all out before lunch. east open to bay 37 now.

Tues 12th Feb

both walls open with restrictions this morning & looking cold

roundup, ragworm in wednesday. on the wall things continue on the plaice front in good numbers with coloured water also producing good sized dab, whiting  rockling & the occasional flounder for good measure.

Mon 11th Feb

both walls to open this morning

FRESH BAIT black lug

seems those plaice are back & being caught on the east along with a few dab & rockling in the light coloured water.

Sun 10th Feb

east closed this morning

FRESH BAIT black lug

poor conditions on the west and very few braving the elements today, I suspect those that did blanked

Sat 9th Feb

East open 1-35 a look at the west planned today to see what can be opened

FRESH BAIT black lug

Up-date 9am Plaice being caught all along the wall, I have seen about 30, of which maybe half are keepers, a few Whiting, Rockling, and a couple of skinny Dab.  Rag Worm was ordered unfortunately we were the only shop to order and as a result wasn't delivered.

End of the day , top of the tide slowed up for an hour or two , then more plaice ticked over slowly some of good size ,  total tally seemed a rockling or two, the odd dab & 40+ maybe 50+ plaice oddly no other species during daylight.

Good luck guys,. Mrs F :)

Fri 8th Feb

black lug due @ lunchtime , early indications of schoolies & plaice on the east wall, has still been doing well for whiting & rockling & those flattie numbers are on the increase.

Thurs 7th Feb

not been about much this week so no real info other to say its bliddy cold out there. west remains shut due to loads of black slippy surfaces , east open daytime 1-32 & over night fri & sat

Wed 6th Feb

no catch reports to hand ,west to remain closed , east open 1-32 daytime

Tues 5th Feb

west to remain closed , east open 1-32 daytime

FRESH BAIT black lug

Mon 4th Feb

Somewhat blowy this morning , East wall open 1-32

FRESH BAIT black lug

Sun 3rd Feb

East open, west shut today

FRESH BAIT  black lug

 lumpy & somewhat wild out there today , very few dabbling & only saw a few whiting  breaking the surface to those that braved it . closed over night, east open in the morning

Sat 2nd Feb

East  limited opening ,west closed check with shop re fresh bait

 For the start of  feb I would say the east had a decent day. Whiting & rockling a plenty, some small schoolie bass and good numbers of dab & plaice. The dab were very varies in sizes, small & large but mostly skinny. The plaice on the other hand were a turn up , good sizes & many of them quite plump. Last year the plaice started to show  decently mid to end of FEB , signs are if the weather holds just a little they may be 3 weeks earlier this time around.

Fri 1st Feb

probable double closure , check with shop regarding east wall


 January 2013


Tues 29-Thurs 31st

both walls closed for 3 days as gales push through

Mon 28th Jan

both walls closed

Sun 27th Jan

wild and wooley to start ,looking to get the east open as soon is possible ,

BLACK lug available

Sat 26th Jan

east open looking like the west will stay shut

Whiting & rockling the dominant catches of the day in very coloured water

both walls shut over night

Fri 25th Jan

east open 1-32 unsure of west so best to check with the shop on that one

Thurs 24th jan

check with shop re wall openings , not sure  on what time an inspection is planned for

Wed 23rd Jan

overnight dumping of  sleet then snow have left ice & snow on the walls again delaying any checks, both will be closed today

Tues 22nd jan

both shut today with an inspection wed about 8am with regard to getting the walls open

Mon 21st Jan

another double close down

Sat/Sun 19-20th Jan

both walls closed as the skies dump white stuff

Fri 18th Jan 

please check with shop re any openings , current  forecasts indicate heavy snow  and the walls will remain shut as a precaution

roundup , the week has done quite well when compared to last year when almost the only thing coming out was bullheads & rockling. this week has seen plaice numbers slowly rise  on both walls with good numbers of dab on the east everyday. A few flounders also but not in numbers yet. Loads of whiting & rockling to be had and still dogfish,eels and small thornbacks. occasional pollack still taking baits & schoolie bass on both walls  have been caught. Top baits at the moment have been black lug & mackerel although the whiting in particular have seemed  very UNfussy & taken anything put their way.

17th Jan

both open , for those planning a trip fri or sat please keep an eye on the weather , seems there may be a large dumping of snow.

FRESH BAIT black lug

Wed 16th Jan

both walls open with restrictions , to say its cold out there is an understatement!

Tues 15th Jan

Looking like strong northerlies will make for a bitter cold day

Both walls open @ 8am, check with shop re bait

 Mon 14th Jan

Woken up so snow so a wall check will be done @ 8am , but shut until safety checks done as many surfaces are very slippery even without the white stuff. Check with shop on bait availability

walls up & running with usual restrictions.

Sun 13th jan

both walls open with restrictions  & black & rag available on the fresh bait front 

plenty of dab about this morning before the top of the tide, dominated by whiting & rockling with small thornies, flounder & a couple of skinny plaice had on the east , not a soul on the west

Sat 12th Jan

Both walls open over night, fishing sluggish so i am hearing with whiting pout & rockling the main shows

FRESH BAIT  king rag & black lug

conditions were crap with the east shut in the morning effectively leaving only a few bays to fish low end on the west...result ... not a futile trip for those that had a go. plaice low on the sand & a couple of schoolie bass taken around lunch time keeping people focused

Fri 11th Jan

both walls open , catches still include whiting dab plaice flounder dogfish & eels

FRESH BAIT king rag & black lug

Thus 10th Jan

both walls open in a limited capacity

FRESH BAIT king rag ring shop re black lug

Wed 9th Dec

both walls open with restrictions , east 1-32 & west 1-11. info recieved for the 2013 pollack comp which can be found << here >>

FRESH BAIT   king rag & black lug , also available  "dirty squid"

 tues 8th

no reports to hand just a flying visit

Mon 7th Jan

both walls open today will limited bays in use. No  accurate info for sunday but told it fished quite well. Today a few small plaice coming out as well as  whiting. Both walls shut over night

Sun 6th Jan

east open 1-32 , check with shop to see if west will open. Lack of info as i type on catches or wall status today.

FRESH BAIT  black lug & ragworm

update , west has been opened 1-11 will close over night  not sure about monday yet

SAT 5th Jan

east open 1-32 a check on the west to see if we can get 1-12 open @ 9am

FRESH BAIT black lug & king rag

FRI 4th jan

pout & channel whiting , dogfish,rockling,dab,flounder and a small thornback kept the east ticking over today . East is open over night  fri-sat into sunday.

check with the shop tomorrow re the west being open 1-13 if conditions allow.

fresh ragworm & black lug will be available in morning

Thurs 3rd Jan  

east open @8am , no info as yet on yesterdays catches

Wed 2nd Jan

East open @ 8am west closed

FRESH BAIT  black lug

Tues Jan 1st 


 the east will close over night for a couple of months with night fishing only available at week-ends, further news as & when available

FRESH BAIT  black lug

catches today , dogfish pollack &  whiting in numbers with a few of them going over  1lb

east shut over night & will open @8am

Monday 7th jan,  no accurate info for Sunday but told it was quite varied.  Already looking interesting today with Plaice being caught on worm baits and plenty of Whiting activity on Mackerel bait.  Both walls open although bays are restricted. 


Happy new Year guys, Mrs F xxxxxx